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Valid from 01/02/2021 to 25/11/2021

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Ao catalogs

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Ao Weekly Offers03/09/202130/09/2021
Ao Weekly Offers01/08/202130/09/2021
Ao Weekly Offers17/07/202131/07/2021
Ao Catalog16/06/202116/07/2021
Ao Catalog24/05/202113/06/2021

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How AO Began

John Roberts started AO in the year 2000. He saw a gap in the market and, egged on by a friend, seized the opportunity. In fact, it is said that his friend bet him £1 that he couldn’t set up a company and disrupt the white goods market via online sales. That is exactly what Roberts did and the company is still thriving today. In fact, the net income in 2020 was an impressive £1.4 million. The key to his success was partly timing, AO was one of the first internet sellers. It was also the ability to sell low-priced but high-quality products, including selling some on behalf of other outlets, such as House of Fraser and Next. The business was originally called Appliances Online but changed to AO in 2013. It has since won a host of awards and is one of the most popular British retailers. It should be noted that it also serves the German market. Interestingly, John Roberts is still the CEO of the company.

What AO Offers

AO offers appliances for sale. Whether you are looking for a fridge, cooker, freezer, washing machine, or even a dishwasher, you’ll find a suitable product in their stocklist and at an attractive price. The range has grown rapidly in recent years, AO now offers an array of entertaining products, including the very latest television technology. It also has plenty of smart devices, mobile phones, and even garden equipment. You should also note that AO has its own delivery section, ensuring everything gets to your door in one piece. Alongside this, they now have a financial services section, helping you to fund the purchases you need.

Shopping At AO

AO doesn’t have standalone stores. The concept was designed around internet-based sales. Because AO has been doing this for many years they have become adept at finding the best deals and ensuring you get the best possible price for any product you want. It is worth noting that AO has announced plans to have five stores in a store. The deal is with Tesco and is only set to last six months, giving AO a chance to test the market response before committing fully. You won’t find their products anywhere else at the moment. But the website is open at all times of the day or night. This ensures you can search for the product you want, compare it to similar ones, and order your preferred option, even if it is the middle of the night.

The AO Website

The AO website is well laid out, you can click on a category, search for a specific product, or scroll down and click on a range of products. There is an abundance of inspirational suggestions, reviews, and a preview of the finance deal you could potentially get. The site is bright, welcoming, and easy to use.

Contacting AO

Scroll toward the bottom of the AO page and you will find the contact link. One-click and you can check out the FAQs or speak directly to a member of the customer service team. You can call the team for a fast response or you can contact them via social media. If you message on Facebook they will respond within 24 hours. But, the best option is to use the live chat. This puts you directly in touch with the friendly and professional customer service team, ensuring you get the answers you need.

Delivery Options

AO allows you to return any product within 100 days for free. That shows their dedication to the products they sell. The specific delivery schedule for your order will depend on what you have ordered. Small appliances are generally delivered free within 5 working days while larger appliances can be delivered in 7-10 working days. It is possible to pay and get nearly any order delivered the next day.

AO Promotions And Discounts

AO frequently offers promotions to help your money go further. You will need to check out the latest offers online. However, it should be noted that they already offer attractive deals, making the promotional offers a rare bonus. The good news is you can still save money on your next AO order by grabbing a discount code from www.1offers.co.uk and using it during the payment process. You are already on the website, spare a few moments to check out the codes and choose the one that helps you the most. You should note that codes can expire at short notice. To avoid this being an issue we verify them daily. But, it does help if you don’t take the code until as close to when you need it as possible.

Staying In Touch

Sign up for the AO newsletter with your email address and get all the latest news, special offers, and other interesting information sent directly to your inbox. It is the best way never to miss a deal. You should also connect with them on social media, they are active on all the main channels but are particularly fond of Facebook. It s worth connecting to share stories and reviews, it can be enlightening!