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Bella Italia Catalog01/04/202213/05/2022
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Christmas Party Menu01/10/202124/12/2021
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The Bella Italia Story

Bella Italia was formed when Michael Guthrie decided to purchase Pizzaland and Pastificio. The year was 1990 although the purchase of the businesses wasn’t completed until 1991. At the time the business was renamed Bella Pasta and it achieved some success in its early years. However, financial difficulties in 1995 led to the sale of the business. Whitbread took it over in 1996 although in 2002 it was sold on to Targus Holding. It was at this time the business changed from Bella Pasta to Bella Italia. Since then the business has encountered some controversy but has generally stayed under the radar and continued to flourish. It should be noted that the COVID-19 pandemic of 2019/2020 forced several stores to shut but the business continued to trade successfully.

The Bella Italia Range

The name is Italian and their menu focuses on traditional Italian classics such as pasta and pizzas. You’ll find an array of starters, including olives, flatbread, and caprese. The main course can be chosen from an array of pasta options or the classic pizza. There is plenty of different toppings available and you can even craft your own pizza. You can add a salad before finishing with the classic tiramisu or an apricot cheesecake. You can look at the complete menu online or you’ll find the menu’s in-store. Bella Italia doesn’t usually offer a takeaway menu and you won’t find promotional leaflets advertising their meals. The quality of the food speaks for itself and encourages word-of-mouth advertising.

Eating In Bella Italia

It is best to book a table before you arrive, this will guarantee you have somewhere to sit. When you enter the closest store you’ll be greeted by friendly staff that are eager to assist you in finding your table and help you choose the best items on the menu. Every store is well presented, you’ll find it difficult to locate any dirt. The staff appear almost magically when you need them and fade into the background when not needed. The food is created to a high standard, giving you an authentic taste of Italy. There are more than 70 Bella Italia stores in the UK, this means there will be one fairly close to where you live. It’s worth noting that this company has won many awards for its menu and has an excellent range of gluten-free pasta and gelato ice cream. In short, they cater to everyone.

Takeaway Options

Bella Italia’s delicious menu can be delivered to your home. Bella Italia has coupled with Deliveroo to allow you to order food from your local restaurant. It can then be delivered to your home via Deliveroo for a small charge. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the click and collect service, ordering your food will allow you to collect it at the time you set.

Using The Bella Italia Website

Bella Italia has a well laid out website. Arriving at the home page you’ll instantly see the latest special offers including set menus. In the top right you’ll see three horizontal bars that take you to the full menu. You’ll be glad you’re at home when you see the array of options. You can also book a table directly from the website, check where your nearest Bella Italia is, and look at the various allergen options. It’s also possible to contact the customer service team via email or an online form.

Getting The Bella Italia Discount

Bella Italia frequently has discounts and promotions available that can help you to save money when ordering. But, this isn’t the only way you can reduce your food bill. It’s worth taking a look at, you’re already in the right place! Take a look at the discount codes we have on offer and choose the one that is most beneficial to you. The code can be entered online or given to the server in-store. This will ensure you get the discount you want. It’s worth noting that every code is checked daily to ensure it's valid, allowing you to shop in confidence.

Staying In Touch

Bella Italia caters to families, individuals, and a variety of parties. They also have a newsletter that keeps you informed of the latest offers and exclusive deals. All you need is to provide your email address and you’ll get sent the latest information directly to your inbox. The newsletter is generally dispatched once a month. It’s also worth joining Bella Italia on their social media platforms. They are active on all the major social sites and this provides you with an opportunity to connect with other Bella Italia customers.