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CeX catalogs

TitleStart dateEnd date
CeX Weekly Offers18/10/202130/11/2021
CeX Weekly Offers02/08/202131/10/2021
CeX Weekly Offers02/08/202130/09/2021
CeX Weekly Offers01/08/202131/08/2021
CeX Weekly Offers19/07/202101/08/2021

CeX discount tips

CeX Catalog

CeX deals in pre-owned goods. This means that, unlike most chains, every store is different. As such it’s difficult to produce a catalog that covers all stores. After all, there is no way of knowing what each store will be selling as it depends on what they have the option to purchase. It should be noted that they do have special offers but that you’ll usually have to go online or in-store to find them.

Get Physical In-Store

This is where the majority of business is completed. Every store stocks electronic items, specifically phones and game consoles. They’ll also have an array of tools, home electronics, DVD’s, and an array of other options. While each store aims to list everything online the reality is that it’s difficult to keep up with this process. This means the store is your best bet for finding items. Locating something online and heading into the store doesn’t guarantee it will be there when you get there! The range of stock n each CeX store means you can spend hours looking through DVD titles, game options, or even understanding the stats of the phones. Fortunately, the friendly staff are on hand to help you understand the difference between products and which one is best for you. Every store is laid out similarly, the predominant feature is the DVD racking for you to examine movies and games, most other electronic devices are kept behind screens. You’ll have to ask to see them. Keep your eyes open for any special offers, they’re likely to have a simple display tag proclaiming the reduction.

Going Online

You may need to go into your store to see everything they have but CeX has made the most of the online opportunities. Some items are available to order online and can be sent to you. Others can be ordered and collected in store. These are usually the items that they have multiple numbers of, allowing them to guarantee your purchase. The website will show some of the best products they currently have in stock, such as the latest smartphones or recent movie titles. Each item will tell you if it’s in stock online. If it is you’ll be able to order it online and have it delivered, either to the store or to your home. The great thing about the internet is that you get a chance to read the specs and reviews of specific items before you purchase. That makes it easier to decide which is best for you, without leaving your own home. Their website is also designed to help you with the selling process. Through a ‘sell and drop’ page you can add all the items you want to sell and get a value. Once you’ve agreed to it you can simply drop your items into your local store and receive the funds or a voucher.

Discounting Your Purchase

You can get a discount on anything you want to purchase by taking in things you want to sell. CeX can calculate the price they’ll pay for your items and then reduce the price of the thing you’re buying by the same amount. Obviously, you’re giving things to them in exchange for a discount, but it works. The alternative is to take a look at www.1offers.co.uk. On this site, you’ll find a host of discount codes for almost any store you can think of. All you have to do is take the code that suits your needs and then use it against your purchase. Discount codes can offer a fixed amount of specific items or a percentage of individual and group items. It can make a substantial difference to the price you end up paying.


It’s worth noting that CeX grades every item, this helps you to know whether it’s in original condition or is well-worn. They ensure all items are wiped of all data before being resold and they offer an impressive 24-month warranty against faults on all the items they sell. Of course, there are terms and conditions attached to this, read them first!

Joining CeX

In order to sell anything to CeX, you need to register with them. This is simple to do, they require your name, address, an email address, and proof of ID. This covers them against people selling things that don’t belong to them. You can also sign up for an account even if you’re just buying from them. Creating an account with them means you’ll be added to their email list and you’ll get updates from the on a regular basis. This includes industry updates and special offers. They even send personalised offers based on your previous purchases.