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Valid from 18/01/2022 to 13/02/2022

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EE Catalog18/01/202213/02/2022
EE Catalog23/12/202119/01/2022
EE Weekly Offers16/11/202131/12/2021
EE Weekly Offers02/12/202119/12/2021
EE Weekly Offers18/10/202114/11/2021


EE Catalog

EE is part of the BT Group and operates the largest mobile phone network in the UK. In fact, it has better 4G coverage than any other network. It was also the first to launch 4G and the first to launch 5G! Their products include broadband for home and office, data packages for your mobile, phones, the latest watches, tablets, and even an array of other electronic devices. You won’t find a paper-based catalog for their goods. Instead, they are all listed on their website, neatly filed under general categories. It’s worth noting that EE stores sell an array of products, including Apple products. Whether you go online or visit a store you’re sure to find something of interest. Most importantly, EE is far more interested in creating promotions and discounts, allowing them to offer various products at incredible prices. It is possible to find promotional catalogs, these can be picked up in-store or may even be delivered to your door. The promotional catalogs are generally 4-6 pages long and list the best current offer. You should be aware that they don’t list all the offers, just enough to get you looking at EE products more.

Checking Out The Store

There are over 600 EE stores across the UK. Every store is clean and tidy, it’s also well laid out. You’ll find the different products are grouped and plenty of friendly staff available to assist you with your needs. The staff is also very knowledgeable. They’ll be able to check the 4G and the 5G coverage in your area, helping you to identify the best phone or even choose between broadband and a data package. If you’re not sure where your closest EE store is simply take a look online and you can use the postcode finder to direct you to it. This will ensure you get the opportunity to talk to a physical person.

Going Online

If you prefer to shop, online or have little time to get to your local store then you’ll be pleased to know that the EE website is simple to use. Go to their homepage and click n the bars on the left to find the various options available. Choosing the shop option will immediately give you several options, choose the category that interests you and then you may need to choose a sub-category, such as choosing phones followed by pay-as-you-go. You’ll then find an array of stock choices. You can easily add these to a shopping basket and then pay online. You’ll also find reviews and the option to top-up your phone credit. If you’re purchasing a new pay-as-you-go phone you’ll have to purchase credit at the same time. If you have any questions online you can email the customer service team or chat with them instantly via the onsite chatbot. It’s a great way to check and compare stats before making your final decision. Should you decide to order online you’ll be pleased to discover that EE offers free UK delivery. Orders are normally dispatched within 24 hours and you’ll get it within 2-3 days. You’ll even be able to track the progress of the delivery and you’ll be notified of a one-hour time slot when it will be delivered!


EE offers an array of promotional discounts. These range from offering a percentage reduction in retail price for old stock, to introductory discounts, designed to draw new customers in. It is worth noting that EE often creates promotions and offers that are only available to existing customers, this is an incentive to remain loyal to them. If the discount offered by EE isn’t enough you’ll be pleased to discover that you can get additional discounts. Take a look at our site, that’s www.1offers.co.uk; the page you’re currently on. We offer an array of discount codes that will help you to save money off any EE purchase. Every code is checked daily to ensure it remains valid. You simply need to take the code and input it before you complete your purchase. However, make sure you check the code on the day of purchase, they change regularly.

Keeping In Touch

EE offers a newsletter every week to any customer registered with them. To register you can create an account or simply supply your email address. The newsletter will keep you up-to-date with all the latest company developments and any promotional offers they are introducing. It will also tell you about upcoming events and even give you exclusive discounts and promotions. Of course, you should also connect with EE on social media. This will ensure you have the best possible access to any offers in place and you’ll be able to swap stories with other users. This can help to ensure you purchase the right product when you need one.