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Games Workshop catalogs

TitleStart dateEnd date
Games Workshop Weekly Offers16/09/202130/09/2021
Games Workshop Weekly Offers02/09/202119/09/2021
Games Workshop Weekly Offers16/08/202112/09/2021
Games Workshop Weekly Offers28/07/202131/08/2021
Latest Offers29/06/202131/07/2021

Games Workshop discount tips

How Games Workshop Started

Games Workshop started in business in 1975, over 45 years ago. The business was created by John Peake, Ina Livingstone, and Steve Jackson. Its purpose was to manufacture wooden boards for games like backgammon and mancala. The business proved to be successful and expanded into importing role-playing games from the US, specifically Dungeons and Dragons. This naturally evolved into becoming a publisher of war games and role-playing games themselves. It was around this time they moved out of the bedroom and into their own premises. The business was successfully marketed by undertaking gaming conventions, a practice that continues today. In the 1990s, after a management buyout, the business refocused on miniature war games. Specifically, Warhammer. Their success continued and they are now known across the globe.

The Games Workshop Range

Games workshop focuses on Warhammer, their primary product. You’ll find an instructional guide on their website to help you get started. The premise is simple. You collect, build, and paint your army then test them against other players in board games and battles, all done in physical locations. There are strict rules governing the gameplay, ensuring that everything is fair and the best tactics are needed to win. Warhammer games do link to other universes, such as Middle earth, allowing you to recreate famous fictional battles.

In-Store With Games Workshop

There are approximately 140 Games Workshop stores across the UK and each one gives you the opportunity to enter an alternate universe. You’ll find friendly staff with plenty of knowledge about how the games work. They can give you advice on how to get started, point you n the right direction for certain characters, and help you develop new tactics. The Games Workshop stores are also where most of the physical battles take place, although private individuals can create their own battles anywhere. Of course, each store has a range of characters and games for sale. But, the ability to meet other gamers makes them more of a meeting place than a store.

Heading To The Games Workshop Website

Games Workshop may rely on physical interactions between game players but they appreciate the ability of the internet to reach new players and keep existing ones connected. The website is well designed, allowing you to see the various products on offer at a glance. All you have t do is press the three horizontal bars in the top left of the screen and choose your preferred category. You can check out the online guides and purchase gifts to keep your friends and family happy.

Delivery Options

If you order anything online you’ll be pleased to know that your order will be quickly delivered to your door. As usual, there are several delivery options. You can simply opt to collect in your local store. If they have the item in stock you can collect it the same day. Alternatively, if you spend over £20 you’ll get free standard delivery to your home. It takes up to seven working days. For a small extra charge, you can get your order tracked, ensuring you know where it is and when it will arrive.

Discounts &Promotions at Games Workshop

Games Workshop doesn’t generally offer sale items as their products remain in demand and don’t go out of season. It is possible you’ll find a seasonal sale but this isn’t guaranteed. However, you can get discount codes that will allow you to save money on your order. All you have to do is check out www.1offers.co.uk, you’re already on the site! Take a look at the discount codes we have available and choose the one that benefits you the most. You can then use it before you complete the checkout process. It should be noted that codes can change or expire quickly. Although we check them daily it is a good idea to take the code when you need it, not before.

The Games Workshop Newsletter

Most businesses offer a newsletter that gives you promotions and the latest offers. Games Workshop does keep you up to date with stock ranges and game changes. But, they also make sure you know when meets are and what events you need to attend. In this instance, it’s an essential part of being a Games Workshop member.

The Social Media Link

Of course, social media also provides an excellent way to stay in touch with other gamers and make sure you’re always in the know. Games Workshop is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It’s worth joining them on these channels. But, the main benefit is the ability to connect with other users and share stories. Games Workshop currently uses these channels more for selling than anything else.