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Londis Weekly Offers

Valid for 1 day
Valid from 30/05/2022 to 26/06/2022

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Londis catalogs

TitleStart dateEnd date
Londis Weekly Offers30/05/202226/06/2022
Londis Weekly Offers02/05/202229/05/2022
Londis Weekly Offers04/04/202201/05/2022
Londis Weekly Offers07/03/202203/04/2022
Londis Weekly Offers14/02/202206/03/2022

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Londis Catalog

Londis has been trading for over 60 years, having first started business in 1959.although since 2015 it has been owned by the Booker Group., which is itself owned by Tesco. Originally established between a group of companies, today it focuses on franchise. All the Londis stores across the UK are independently owned. But, that doesn’t stop them from offering the same products at competitive prices. In common with most food retailers, Londis doesn’t offer a comprehensive catalog of their products. It’s because the stock changes with the seasons and availability, it would simply cause too many issues to have a catalog listing items not in stock. Besides, half the fun is in looking at the various products on offer. But, they do offer a promotions catalog. This is a short catalog packed full of constantly changing promotions and discounted items. It is usually between 4-6 pages long and lasts for one month at a time. Despite being franchised, the offers are available in all stores. The range of offers is impressive, many items are reduced to just £1 and there are usually meal deals that allow you to purchase 3-4 items for £5. The promotional catalog is available in-store and you’ll often find they are delivered through your letterbox.

The In-Store Look

Londis is a convenience store and with approximately 2,200 of them across the country you’re certain to find one conveniently close to you. Every store is independently owned. That means they’ll stock the Londis offers and a basic range of items. This is the same in every Londis store. But, the owner also has the freedom to stock additional items. In short, you can make special requests and they’ll stock items relevant to your local area. Most Londis stores are a practical approach to shopping for all the essentials you need. Best of all, it’s not just the promotions that are at attractive prices. You’ll find most of the items in-store can compete with the larger supermarket chains. If you visit your local Londis you’ll find staff eager to help you and a tidy, well-presented store. Alongside getting the essential items you’ll also be able to build a rapport with the shop owner. It makes the experience more personal and pleasurable.

Online Options

Of course, Londis has a website that works on behalf of all the franchised stores. If you’re curious but not yet a customer you’ll appreciate the store locator displayed prominently at the top of the page. The site has a dedicated special offers section which will allow you to see all the latest deals. These deals are usually available in every store. It’s the same offers you’ll find on the promotional catalog. Unfortunately, Londis doesn’t yet offer the ability to order online. This is due to logistic issues and the fact that they want you to go in-store to support the independent owners. But, the website does give you a great insight into their special offers and provides you the opportunity to contact Londis if you need to.

Own Label

Londis stocks own-label items and these are well worth considering. They are affordably priced but offer excellent quality, rivaling any of the bigger brands. Even if you’re not an own-brand shopper it’s worth trying them. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Discounts Available

The promotional catalog or website shows the wide array of offers available month by month. However, you’ll also find there are further offers to be had in-store. These can be specials that the store owner is promoting or clearance offers. Alongside this, the best way to save yourself some money is to check out the discount codes we have, here on www.1offers.co.uk. There are several codes to choose from that will save you money off individual products, allow you to get an item for free, or a percentage discount against your entire order. Check out the codes and use the one best suited to your needs before you complete your purchase. Every code is verified daily to ensure it will be effective when you use it. All you have to do is take the code on the day you’re planning to spend in-store.

The Latest News

Londis creates a centralized newsletter that covers all its stores. This template is available to store owners, allowing them to provide you with the latest news and add in local information which can be useful. This makes it a very personal experience. All you have to do is give them an email address. You can link with Londis on social media and get the first look at all the latest offers. You’ll also be able to share thoughts and inspiration with thousands of other social media users. That’s a great incentive as you’ll always be the first to know what’s happening at your local store.