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Mace Weekly Offers

Still valid for 4 days
Valid from 08/11/2021 to 05/12/2021

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Mace catalogs

TitleStart dateEnd date
Mace Weekly Offers08/11/202105/12/2021
Mace Weekly Offers18/10/202107/11/2021
Mace Weekly Offers27/09/202117/10/2021
Mace Weekly Offers06/09/202126/09/2021
Mace Weekly Offers16/08/202119/09/2021

Mace discount tips

The History of Mace

Mace originally started trading in Ireland in 1960 as a small convenience store. The owners decided to expand through franchising instead of the more expensive purchasing of physical premises. This approach was successful and the business soon had independent stores with the Mace logo across Ireland and the UK. Unfortunately, the business traded under separate companies for each of its locations. The subsequent sale of different sections of the business made it difficult for all stores to offer the same product. This created serious disruption for the independent shops and many switched loyalties to Spar and other franchises. However, in 2005 P&H acquired all the businesses and finally united them as one company. The result was, after some more disruption, a business model that was ready to move forward and expand. Today it is successfully operated by the Costcutter chain.

The Mace Range

Mace is a convenience store. That means they offer an array of groceries that you may need daily. That includes products like bread, milk, cheese, and even alcohol. It should be noted that Mace doesn’t have its own-branded products but it does sell the Costcutter brand. The business supplies your local independent Mace store and has a number of promotional offers available weekly. You can find details of the latest offers in-store and online. But, your local Mace store is independently owned. It doesn’t have to stock the products listed. You’ll want to verify the availability before you rush to your local store.

Mace Stores

The biggest advantage of your local Mace store is that it’s independently owned. This gives the owner the right to reject the current promotions offered by Mace. They will choose the products that they believe will sell in their area. All you have to do is use the store and you be able to talk to the owner regarding your preferred products. They are locally owned and run shops and the owner will be eager to ensure their customers are happy. This makes it more than just a convenient place to get your basic supplies. The Mace store can actually be your go-to store for a number of specialized products. Ask the proprietor, you may be surprised at what they can get for you.

Mace Online

The Mace website is designed for the Mace shopkeeper. It allows you to become a member and find out about the latest deals. In fact, it will even help members identify the right products to get for their own stores. The site is well-designed and easy to use. In fact, you’ll find it useful even if you are not a store owner. There are a number of recipes and food suggestions that you can take. You’ll get the ingredients at your local store and have fun making the items at home. If you’re not sure where your local store is then you can use the search facility online to find it. Alongside the latest offers, you’ll also find an array of competitions, helping to keep the Mace community together. There are a host of prizes that can be won.

Discounted Mace Products

Mace regularly has promotions and discounts on items. The promotions are usually taken from the Mace company and used by the shopkeeper. But, they may also offer their own sales incentives, specifically if items are shortly going out of date. An alternative, to ensure you save money on your shopping is to use one of our discount codes. You’re already on, take a few moments to see the codes we have available. You’re almost certain to find one that will interest you and save you money. All you have to do is take the code and give it to the cashier before you complete your purchase. You should note that codes change regularly. It’s best to take the code on the day you’re going to use it. We verify every code daily to allow you to shop with confidence.

Keeping Up With The Latest Mace News

Mace does offer a newsletter that you can sign up for online. All they need is your email address and you’ll get advanced notice of upcoming offers and business-related news. However, the best way to stay up to date with everything your local Mace is doing is to connect with them via social media. This will ensure you’re aware of all the latest deals and can share stories ad opinions with others in your area, using your Mace store. You can even make new friends in the process.