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Valid from 07/07/2022 to 31/10/2022

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Natwest catalogs

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Natwest Catalog07/07/202231/10/2022
Natwest Catalog03/05/202231/07/2022
Natwest Catalog02/03/202230/06/2022
Natwest Catalog29/12/202130/04/2022
Natwest Weekly Offers25/10/202131/12/2021

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The Natwest Story

Natwest is one of the best-known banks in the UK. It started life in 1968 when National Provincial Bank and Westminster Banks merged to become the National Westminster Bank, Natwest for short. The bank has its roots in the mid 17th century as all the small banks that amalgamated over the years eventually formed Natwest. Initially, banks were very localized, simply looking after the customers in their area. By the time Natwest was formed the number of banks was dwindling as they started serving the entire country. Natwest has flourished ever since and now has an array of international banking services to help all its customers.

What Natwest Offers

Natwest offers traditional banking services. That means a place to store your money safely and earn a tiny bit of interest. Alongside this, they’ll give you debit cards, checkbooks, credit cards, and discuss loan requirements. The bank will also help with a mortgage and they offer a comprehensive array of insurance products that may tempt you. Alongside this, they have financial advisors that can help you with investments and how to get the most out of your savings.

How To Access Natwest Bank

Natwest is considered one of the big four, that’s the four biggest banks in the UK. It currently has nearly 1,000 branches across the country and 3,500 cash machines. That means you are certain to find a branch close enough to you to be able to chat with someone face-to-face. Of course, appointments in branches is the norm. But, it is surprisingly easy to get one and you’ll find the staff are friendly, well-trained, and eager to help. You can chat with them at the counter or in private meeting areas, depending on what you wish to talk about.

Natwest Online

Although the local branches are useful, most aspects of your dealings with Natwest can be handled online, allowing you to do them from the comfort of your own home. The website is bright and welcoming. One-click allows you to see the array of products on offer. You can select the category you are interested in and start looking through the available options. Of course, the website is also the perfect way to access your own bank account to check the balance, move funds between accounts, and do a host of other things. The site also contains an abundance of information regarding the latest products worth considering, how the bank is performing, and economic news that could affect you. Alongside this, they offer extensive guides on fraud and security, card payment support, and how to do your banking from home. It’s everything you could need to enjoy the experience.

Contacting The Natwest Team

No matter how good a website is there will be times when you need to ask a question because you can’t find the answer you need. Natwest takes care of this by offering you a large list of FAQs. If these don’t have the answer you seek then they recommend you contact the friendly and knowledgeable team directly. You can email them or call the national service. However, this can be frustrating as you listen to check what buttons need to be pressed. Instead, you’ll find it better to simply select the digital chat option where you are likely to find the answer you seek.

Natwest Promotions & Discounts

You may be surprised to realize that banks often have promotions in place. They may offer a heavy discount or an inflated savings interest rate. Whatever the gimmick, it is likely to be short-term but certainly gets you thinking about the products they have available. Of course, at the moment you’re visiting and you should check out the discount codes on offer. There are several great ones to choose from and they can be applied straight away to save you more money. The only thing to remember is that codes change quickly. To avoid issues, use it as soon as you take it.

Staying In Touch

If you want to get on the Natwest mailing list you simply add your email address in the indicated box. Or, you accept news and advertisements in the settings of your existing accounts. This ensures you are told about every new development and are always in the know. You can even find out about new offers and other deals. But, you should also join them on social media. This is how you can access other users, discover their experiences, and get all the information you need to make the best possible decision.