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Valid from 11/05/2022 to 31/08/2022

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Valid from 25/07/2022 to 20/08/2022

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Valid from 26/07/2022 to 20/08/2022

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Valid from 04/08/2022 to 31/08/2022

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Valid from 05/08/2022 to 13/09/2022

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Valid from 15/08/2022 to 04/09/2022

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Sony Catalog27/04/202209/06/2022
Sony Catalog06/04/202222/04/2022
Sony Catalog04/03/202231/03/2022
Sony Weekly Offers11/12/202123/01/2022
Sony Black Friday Offers22/11/202128/11/2021

Sony discount tips

The Sony Story

Sony started trading in 1946. Initially, it was a very small concern, the founder, Masaru Ibuka wanted to create a company that embellished the spirit of freedom and open-mindedness to contribute to Japanese society. The first Sony department store was actually a radio-repair shop. This became the place where the first Japanese tape recorder was produced. The real breakthrough was when Ibuka travelled to America in the 1950s and became aware of the transistor. In unison with Bell labs, they investigated the use of the transistor in communications. It resulted in the Sony TR-55, their first transistor radio.

Sony Success

It was this success that drove the company to adopt the name Sony and started a chain of firsts, from transistor televisions to VTR. Their success has continued in-line with their willingness to push the boundaries and develop new technologies. It helps them to stay at the top of their industry.

Sony Product Range

Sony doesn’t produce a traditional catalog. They prefer to rely on word-of-mouth and traditional advertising methods. These are effective as Sony products generally sell themselves. The company produces a wide range of products.

The Game Console Option

This includes game consoles, namely the Playstation. Of course, they offer cameras, a complete array of audio options, televisions, and home cinema systems. You’ve probably got at least one Sony product already. Their reputation for creating the best products possible ensures that their products are always considered, although not always the cheapest option.

Shopping In-Store With Sony

Sony has approximately 2,000 stores across the globe. Every one of these stores is dedicated to selling the entire Sony range. This is often where you’ll find the latest products and the best discounts. The staff in Sony stores are carefully selected and trained to ensure they can give you all the help and advice you need. They are friendly and professional, making you feel at ease and inspiring confidence in your purchase decision.

Sony Products Available Elsewhere

Of course, you can also purchase Sony products through thousands of other stores. If you visit your local electronics store, car audio, or even a department store, you’ll find Sony products available. They are literally everywhere.

Sony Online

If you want to take a little more time to assess your options then the Sony website is a great place to start. The page is simple, making it easy to navigate. All you have to do is click on the three horizontal bars in the top left of the screen and you’ll be able to select the product category, then subcategory, that you’re interested in. The website also offers the latest news from Sony and the electronics industry. You’ll find an introduction to the latest technology, inspirational stories, and some great promotions.

Chat Forum Options

Alongside reading about the company values the site also gives access to a product forum and general chat. This allows you to connect with other customers and check out the attest reviews. You can click on the ‘community’ link in the initial menu to join thousands of Sony customers and share opinions. There’s a huge amount of information that can be accessed. This includes all the specs on every product, helping you to compare them.

Buying Online

If you wish to purchase items through the website you’ll find that this is possible but you’ll need to connect through to the Sony online store or a registered dealer selling online. This is where you’ll find an array of products and can choose the delivery option that best suits your needs. It should be noted that the Sony website offers access to Sony professionals and the online community, this is the best way to get help and advice regarding any Sony product.

Discounted Sony Offerings

Sony frequently has promotional offers and you’ll find your local store may have additional offers. This can make it difficult to locate the best possible offer. Fortunately, you’re already in the right place. Here at www.1offers.co.uk, we collect all the best Sony discount codes, all you have to do is take a few moments to look at them and choose the one that will save you the most.

Using Discount Codes

Use the code online or in-store to save yourself money. You should note that codes can expire quickly. That’s why we verify every code daily and recommend you take the code the day you intend to purchase your new Sony product.

Staying In Touch

Sony has a newsletter that can be signed up for online with your email address. It’s a good way of keeping up to date with the latest developments. But, you’ll find the best advice and reviews are available through the online forums and social media channels. Sony is active on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter; it’s worth connecting with them.