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Valid from 11/05/2022 to 31/08/2022

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Currys PC World Catalog

Still valid for 4 days
Valid from 25/07/2022 to 20/08/2022

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CeX Catalog

Still valid for 4 days
Valid from 26/07/2022 to 20/08/2022

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Staples Catalog

Valid from 04/08/2022 to 31/08/2022

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Virgin Media Catalog

Valid from 05/08/2022 to 13/09/2022

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CeX Catalog

Valid from 15/08/2022 to 04/09/2022

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TitleStart dateEnd date
Steam Catalog24/03/202228/03/2022
Steam Weekly Offers10/12/202109/01/2022
Steam Catalog12/11/202131/12/2021
Steam Weekly Offers20/10/202114/11/2021
Steam Weekly Offers24/09/202131/10/2021

Steam discount tips

What Is Steam?

Steam is a video game distribution service. It was initially launched in 2003 with the aim of providing automatic updates for games, effectively making gaming easier for all skill levels. The success of this approach allowed the company to expand into games. They now sell a variety of digital products centred on the gaming market. This is one market that is consistently growing in popularity, making them in demand and increasing their annual profits.

What Steam Offers

Steam provides a complete digital gaming service from managing DRM to server hosting and video streaming. They even have their own social networking service. Of course, you can purchase a wide variety of games through the site and Steam will assist with installing them and updating them. You can choose for Steam to handle the updates automatically or simply to inform you they are ready. Steam also offers for free Steamworks. This is an application programme interface that can be used by developers. The aim is to ensure Steam functions are integrated into the games produced by third-party developers. That makes it easier for everyone involved. It is worth noting that Steam has become so successful they now offer Steam Machine microconsoles.

Online With Steam

Steam has nearly 100 million active users and over 34,000 games. In fact, they are responsible for approximately one-fifth of the global PC games market. The best way to see what Steam has to offer is to head to the website. The home page opens with the latest offering, allowing you to pre-order it and get ahead of the crowd. There is usually a discount for pre-ordering. Scroll down the page and you’ll find the current best-selling games, which are definitely worth trying. But, the best section of the Steam website is the community recommends part. This is where other game users give open and honest reviews and recommendations regarding which games they think are most worth your time. The list of top sellers, new and trending, and upcoming options is also very helpful if you are picking a new game to play.

Joining Steam

You can sign up and join Steam for free. All you have to do is give them your email address, the country you live in, and confirm you are over 13. You can then access the games and the community. This is worth doing just to chat with the other members and see what they recommend. It should be noted that while Steam is on the usual social media channels, you’ll find the best way to connect with others is on the Steam channel. Of course, if you want to order any games or updates you’ll need to add additional details to your account, specifically payment details. The online community doesn’t just discuss all the latest digital software. You can also access workshops and broadcasts to broaden your knowledge of the industry and your ability to create a game.

Promotions & Discounts With Steam

Steam frequently has introductory offers and promotions that will knock a certain percentage of the price. It is an effective way of saving money. However, you should also look at the discount codes available on www.1offers.co.uk. It will take very little time as you are already on the offers page and you can scan the codes to locate the one that helps you save money. Then, apply it when paying and enjoy watching your balance due go down. Of course, codes do change frequently. We do our best to verify them and ensure they work when you need them. But, it is best to take the code when you are ready to use it

Steam Points

Steam offers points to all account holders. You get points every time you shop and, when you have enough points, you can go to the points shop and choose what items you would like to buy. It is important to note that these are extras to games, you won’t normally be able to buy these items but they will help with your chosen game. You’ll get 118 points with every £1 you spend, meaning they can add up quickly.

Getting Help From Steam

When the entire service is online and offers digital products you don’t need to worry about delivery, it is instant. But, you do need to contact the Steam customer service team if you have an issue. Fortunately, this is easy to do. You can take a look at the community discussions where you may find the answer you need. If not, select the support option and you will be offered a variety of categories, narrowing down the support you need. You’ll find the easiest way to contact the customer support team is to log in and then message them through the support option. You’ll get a fast and helpful response.