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T-Mobile catalogs

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T-Mobile Weekly Offers03/04/202130/04/2021
T-Mobile Catalog09/09/202031/10/2020
T-Mobile Catalog09/09/202025/10/2020

T-Mobile discount tips

The Story of T-Mobile

T-Mobile is a brand name. It belongs to Deutsche Telekom AG and was first used as long ago as 1994. In fact, although T-Mobile is still used in several countries, the name has been phased out in the UK. Of course, T-Mobile customers didn’t lose the network overnight. Instead, there has been a gradual transfer of customers from T-Mobile to EE Limited. Interestingly, T-Mobile actually started life in the UK as Mercury One2One and is recognized as the world’s first GSM 1800 mobile network. It subsequently merged with Orange to create the largest mobile operator in the UK, hence the name change to EE Limited.

The T-Mobile/EE Range

Currently, all T-Mobile contracts are being upgraded to become EE Limited contracts. If you have an existing T-Mobile contract then your rights remain the same and you’ll be able to choose a new contract under the EE scheme. As an existing customer, you’ll benefit from the existing customer's offers which include a saving of 10% on line rental. EE offers an extensive array of options. These include mobile data and calls, the cost of your package will depend on the level of calls and data you think you’ll need. They also offer fixed lines with extra high-speed broadband and various other options, including routers and associated equipment. Of course, EE also offers an array of mobile phones to choose from, allowing you to get the very latest technology on a reasonably priced contract. Alongside phones, routers, and chargers, EE also offers tablets, gaming solutions, and even the latest smartwatches.

T-Mobile Stores

T-Mobile stores have been phased out since the merger with Orange. However, they weren’t eliminated, the names were simply changed to EE Limited. It is worth noting that there are many independent stores that still associate with the T-Mobile brand and can help you if you’re looking for T-Mobile items. Regardless of which store you enter you’ll find there is an extensive array of mobile phones for you to look at and play with. This is beneficial when choosing a new phone as the best-looking one may not be the easiest to handle. All stores have staff on hand to help you choose the right phone and understand the various packages available with each one. This can help to ensure you get the best deal for your specific needs and a great new phone. Of course, the staff are also very knowledgeable in the complete range of products and can help you with any enquiry.

Online T-Mobile Options

The T-mobile website no longer exists. Instead, you’ll be redirected to the EE Limited offering and be given a special welcome message. This tells you that your contract is being transferred to EE limited and you can indulge in a new phone and contract if you wish. You can then link through to the EE shop and check out the impressive array of options. It’s worth noting that you can still access your T-Mobile account via the EE website and use the help and support options to find out more options. You should note that the T-Mobile/EE Limited website has an array of options available exclusively to existing customers. But, if you’re looking to become a customer there are some great deals available.

Deliver With T-Mobile

If you order a new product through T-Mobile/EE Limited you’ll be able to collect it for free in your local store. Alternatively, you may prefer to have it delivered to your home. EE offers a super-fast delivery option that will keep you updated with the progress of your order via SMS and only requires a photo ID when it’s delivered. Home delivery is free and items are usually dispatched within 24 hours of being ordered.

Customer Service Options

EE limited has a dedicated customer service team waiting to help you. Of course, you can pop into your local store and speak directly to an advisor. If you prefer the online option then you can call the customer service team or email them with your query. Here is also a useful community option that allows you to speak to other members and get advice.

Discounts With T-Mobile

Existing customers benefit from a 10% discount when transferring to their new EE Limited account. However, new customers will also find an array of discounts online that can help to ensure you get the most from your money. But, the best way to ensure you save as much as possible is to check out the discount codes on www.1offers.co.uk. You’re already in the right place, take a few moments to check the codes and choose the one that saves you the most. You can then take the code and apply it before you complete the checkout process. All codes are verified daily to ensure they’re valid. However, they can change quickly which is why we recommend you take the code the day you intend to use it.

Staying In Touch

EE Limited has a useful newsletter. Give them your email address and they’ll send you the latest news, exclusive deals, information regarding the latest product ranges, and invitations to exclusive events. But, to be the first in the know you’ll want to connect with them on social media. They are active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Connecting doesn’t just give you the latest news, it also gives you the opportunity to connect with other customers and share stories