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The Vision Express Story

Vision Express was founded in 1988. Its original remit was to sell glasses and contact lenses. As part of this, it offered eye exams in-store by fully qualified opticians. It was an attempt to broaden the range of products available to the consumer while reducing the price. It was successful. Within five years Vision Express had over a dozen stores across the UK. It also bought Lenscrafters’ UK stores, almost doubling its store number. By the end of the 2000s the company had over 200 stores in the UK and purchased Batemans Opticians. The company has continued to expand, especially after it was bought by the French company Grand Vision.

The Vision Express Catalog

Vision Express wants to offer you the entire package regarding looking after your eyes. This starts with the eye test and ends with the after-sales customer service. While the eye test is important and creates a revenue stream for the company, the sale of glasses and lenses is far more significant. Vision Express has an impressive array of spectacles on offer. They have an array of prescription sunglasses, Vision Express glasses, and designer glasses. Whether you want Dolce & Gabbana or Calvin Klein, there is something that will appeal in their range.

The In-Store Experience With Vision Express

You need to go in-store to have a proper eye exam. This is essential not just for checking your current eyesight, but also to ensure your eyes are healthy. In fact, this is increasingly important as you age. However, a second big advantage of going in-store is the array of spectacles on offer. Once you’ve had your eye test you’ll be able to choose new glasses. As mentioned, there is an impressive array to choose from. Most importantly, they are all physically there, as are numerous mirrors. You can see yourself in the glasses before you buy, ensuring you choose the ones that suit you best. The stores are well laid out, allowing you to browse in peace while the exams are done toward the back of the building. There is also friendly staff on hand to help with your decision if needed.

Vision Express Online

The Vision Express website is refreshingly simple. The first thing you see is their current promotion. If you scroll down the page you’ll find links to various products, such as glasses and lenses. There are also links to the Vision Express magazine, known as Blink. Alongside this, there is an array of blogs to help you care for your eyes and deal with common issues, such as glasses fogging up. Click on the three horizontal bars in the top left of the screen and you’ll find links to the latest glasses and lenses Vision Express has to offer. Because you’re online you can scroll through these at your leisure and then order them online. However, you should note that Vision Express will need to confirm your prescription before they can supply you with glasses or lenses.

Vision Express Delivery Service

Vision Express allows you to order glasses and lenses online. These can then be delivered free of charge to your local store. Alternatively, you can choose to have them delivered to your home. They offer a standard delivery service that is free for all glasses and lenses. They can be delivered to your home or an alternate address within 5 working days. If you’re ordering non-prescription sunglasses they can be with you within 24 hours! All orders can be tracked for peace of mind.

Eye Care Guides With Vision Express

A nice touch by Vision Express is the selection of articles online that deal with eye care, eye health, and common eye issues. Reading through these can help you to identify if you have an issue and make sure you contact your local Vision express. Vision Express has all the specialist equipment needed to ensure your eyes remain healthy for life.

Vision Express Customer Service

If you head in-store you’ll find first-class customer service waiting for you. The good news is that the same level of customer service is also offered online. Toward the bottom of the page is a link to help and information. If you click on this you’ll see the contact us link and can find the relevant customer service team for your inquiry. There’s an online form that will take a few moments to fill in, alternatively, you can choose to call the customer service team, or even write to them by conventional post.

Discounts With Vision Express

Vision Express frequently offers discounts on the purchase of glasses and lenses. You’ll often find lenses are included for free or that you’ll get a second pair of glasses for a reduced rate. It’s worth looking at the promotions as there can be some great deals. However, to save as much money as possible you should check out You’re already on our site, take a few moments to check the discount codes available and use the one that saves you the most. Every code is checked daily to ensure its valid. However, they can expire quickly, that’s why it’s best to take the code the day you’re going to use it.

Vision Express & Social Media

The blink newsletter will give you all the information you need regarding upcoming promotions and special offers. But, if you want the best reviews and to share opinions with others you’ll need to join Vision Express on social media. They are on most social channels but Facebook and Twitter seem to be the preferred option. It’s a great way to chat to others and see people wearing their Vision Express products. It can inspire you.