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Valid from 11/05/2022 to 31/08/2022

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Still valid for 4 days
Valid from 25/07/2022 to 20/08/2022

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Still valid for 4 days
Valid from 26/07/2022 to 20/08/2022

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Valid from 04/08/2022 to 31/08/2022

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Valid from 05/08/2022 to 13/09/2022

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Valid from 15/08/2022 to 04/09/2022

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Vodafone catalogs

TitleStart dateEnd date
Vodafone Catalog04/07/202207/08/2022
Vodafone Catalog09/06/202211/07/2022
Vodafone Catalog31/05/202220/06/2022
Vodafone Catalog27/04/202222/05/2022
Vodafone Catalog01/04/202209/05/2022

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Vodafone Catalog

Vodafone claims to be the network used for the first mobile phone call, the instigators of texting in the UK, and they were the first to provide international roaming. That was all 30-35 years ago and the company is still doing well today. As a product of the digital age, Vodafone doesn’t feel the need to create a physical catalog listing all its products. There’s a good reason for this. Many phones are superseded within the year, a catalog could potentially be redundant before it was even distributed. However, if you want to see the impressive range of products you only need to go online to find the catalog, split into easy to reference categories, such as phones and tablets, or broadband. Vodafone is even investing in the smart tech market, specifically with wearable technology that works alongside your mobile phone. But, Vodafone does still produce a promotional catalog. This is generally produced once a month and lasts from the middle of one month to the middle of the next. The catalog lists the current range of promotional deals, ranging from percentage discounts off new phones to fixed price reductions off connections and data. If you’re planning on joining Vodafone it’s worth taking a look at their special offers. Each catalog is 10-15 pages long and full of offers with colourful pictures.

Checking Out The Store

When you’re looking to purchase a new mobile phone you may prefer to go to your local store and see the phones. This will allow you to touch them and experience them working. Most stores have demos that you can play with and, if they don’t, you’ll find the friendly staff will be happy to assist. They can get a phone from stock to allow you to feel how responsive it is. This will help you make the best decision possible. Vodafone has over 400 stores across the UK, you’re certain to find one near you. It’s worth paying them a visit to check out the attest deals and promotions. You may get better than you hoped for!

Going Online

Of course, it’s hard to beat the online experience. One of the best things about shopping online is that you can spend hours looking and comparing different products without being disturbed. This isn’t usually possible in-store. You’ll be able to read reviews and decide how you really feel about the phone before you purchase. Additionally, ordering online means you can return the product if it’s not what you’re expecting or hoping for. The website is well laid out, you can quickly navigate to phones and start comparing or you can search for a specific one. Once you find one you like simply add it to your basket and, when ready, complete the purchasing process. The site is littered with promotional offers, all trying to get your attention. It’s worth looking at them but don’t be distracted if they’re not what you really want. When you’re ready, you can pay for your purchase online and wait for it to be delivered. That’s the big difference between online and in-store. In the store, you get to walk home with your purchase, online is more convenient but you’ll need to wait for it to be delivered. Don’t forget, online you’ll be able to access the online Vodafone community, speak to a Vodafone specialist on the phone, or message to get help and advice.


The monthly Vodafone promotional catalog lists a huge range of phones and other electronic gadgets currently discounted or on some type of promotional offer. You should be able to find these online under the ‘deals & offers’ category. You’ll find some impressive discounts, especially off items that have been superseded. But, you should also look at this page, www.1offers.co.uk; that’s the one you’re on right now! Grab one of the promotional codes available here and you’ll be able to get an additional discount against your next Vodafone purchase. All the codes here are verified daily, to ensure they’ll work. However, the offers do change regularly. Make sure you take the code on the day you want to purchase and use it straight away.

Keeping In Touch

To use your Vodafone product you’ll need to create an account with Vodafone. This will allow you to connect and check your account balance, the amount of credit you have, and interact with other members of the Vodafone Community. Vodafone will also email you a regular newsletter with exclusive offers, the latest deals, and news of upcoming events. Alongside this make sure you join them on social media. You’ll gain access to other offers but you’ll also find an army of Vodafone customers prepared to give you honest opinions on each product. It can be invaluable advice.