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Yorkshire Building Society Catalog30/12/202130/04/2022
Yorkshire Building Society Weekly Offers15/11/202109/01/2022
Yorkshire Building Society Weekly Offers15/10/202107/11/2021
Yorkshire Building Society Weekly Offers30/08/202130/09/2021
Yorkshire Building Society Catalog15/06/202115/08/2021

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The Yorkshire Building Society Story

Unsurprisingly, the Yorkshire Building Society started in Yorkshire. But, what may surprise you is that it’s been going since 1864. In fact, it was originally called the Huddersfield Equitable Permanent Benefit Building Society. Their first year of trading gave them six borrowers. Over the next 20 years, several other offices opened under the Bradford Self Help Permanent Building Society. It wasn’t until 1982 that several of these small building societies merged to form the Yorkshire Building Society The business continued to grow and expand, by 2001 it was the third-largest mutual in the UK. Several more mergers occurred between then and 2017 to create a business with more than three million customers.

Products Offered By Yorkshire Building Society

Building societies are owned and effectively run by their customers. Opening an account effectively gives you membership and a small piece of the pie. This is how they differ from traditional bans. But, the services they offer are fundamentally the same. You’ll find an array of current accounts, savings accounts, loans, mortgages, and even a credit card. In short, the Yorkshire Building Society can meet all your needs. The firm also offers a variety of insurance policies and assistance with life planning. Specifically, you can get a funeral plan and advice re your financial estate and it’s division after your death. You won’t find a catalog showing you all the different products but the building society does still offer individual brochures highlighting the details of each financial product. The brochures can be collected in-store or you can download the information online.

Visiting A Yorkshire Building Society Branch

Although many banks and financial institutes are reducing the number of physical branches they have, Yorkshire Building Society still has nearly 200 branches across the UK. That means you’ll find one of their branches close to you. This is handy if you prefer to deal with the branch in person, especially if you need to deposit cash and cheques. But, the real beauty of going into one of these branches is the opportunity to chat with the staff. You’ll find they are friendly and highly trained. It doesn’t matter which product you’re interested in, they’ll guide you through the decision process. This will help to ensure you get the best possible product. As financial products can be confusing, it's often beneficial to be able to speak to an actual person about what you need.

The Yorkshire Building Society Website

When you arrive on the home page of the Yorkshire Building Society you’ll be met by the latest offers, which may interest you. Scroll down the page and you’ll find useful savings calculators, an option to calculate stamp duty, and even tips on helping the younger generation with financial issues. In short, the website s designed to help you and your loved ones handle their finances. Near the top left of the page are the standard three horizontal bars that take you to the main menu. From there you’ll be able to select subcategories and review the various products you’re interested in. There are plenty of helpful guides on the site to guide you through choosing a financial product or staying safe online. You can even apply for your chosen product online, which gives you the convenience of applying at any time of the day or night. Potentially the best part of the website is the ability to access your accounts online. All you need is your ID number and personal code, then you can check your balance or move money around at the click of a button. If you have any queries there is a list of FAQs that is likely to help you. Alternatively, you can pop into your local branch or call the customer service team. If you’re an existing customer you’ll be able to log in and message your dedicated advisor directly.

Discounts With Yorkshire Building Society

Yorkshire Building Society offers deals. These are generally centred around attracting customers to them from their competitors. They’ll offer lower interest rates and introductory offers to entice you in. However, there are other discounts available. You’re already on www.1offers.co.uk, spare a moment to look at the discount codes we have on offer. Every code is checked daily to ensure it works when you need it to. Simply choose the code and apply it to your financial transaction before completing it.

Keeping Up With Yorkshire Building Society

The Yorkshire Building Society is active on social media, specifically Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Joining them online will help you to stay aware of all the latest developments and deals. However, you should note that Twitter is their preferred social media channel, it’s best to start there. You’ll be able to connect with thousands of other customers and share reviews and opinions.