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Argos Catalog

The main Argos catalog is published twice a year, once in the spring and again in the Autumn. It’s an impressive 1600 pages long and full of great products. Whether you’re looking for a toy for your child, a piece of jewelry for that special someone, or a new household appliance, it will be in this catalog. But, while the prices are good, this isn’t where you’ll find the promotions and discounts. Argos regularly creates a smaller catalog with the attest offers and promotions on. You’ll find this in store, it changes every couple of weeks. In the small promotions catalog, you’ll find discounts off products, some as high as 50%. There are also buckets of products on special offer in the store, encouraging you to purchase an extra item or two.

Going In-Store

The world may be going digital but it's still hard to beat the experience of visiting one of Argos’s 883 stores in the UK. The in-store experience is unique, few products are displayed but you’ll find the latest promotions, special offers, and the Argos catalog. The same catalog that you can take home, full of almost any product you can imagine. In fact, Argos has over 90,000 different products for sale. Let’s face it, the store is very much the collection point. You’re not going for expert advice, you need to know what you want, type the number into the stock checker, and then buy. It takes just a few moments to collect your prize and be on your way.

The Argos Online Experience

This is where the magic really happens and why Argo appeals so much. The entire catalog is available online. Simply select the category of product you’re looking for and then browse through the range of products available. There are detailed descriptions and reviews to help you choose the perfect product. Once you’ve located it, simply click to add to your basket and pay when ready. You can choose which store to collect your items in or have them delivered right to your door. You’ll also find a clearance section where you can browse the latest special offers and see what discounts are being offered. But, the key to enjoying the Argos online experience is to become a member. Creating an account is simple and allows you to start collecting and using nectar points. Yes, that’s the same points that you get at Sainsbury’s and a host of other retailers. You can even use the nectar points to reduce the cost of your purchase. If you haven’t already got an account, signing up for one can get you a £5 discount voucher. You can also get one of these if you spend between £50 and £100. Of course, there are terms and conditions for you to be aware of.

Enjoying The Discount

You don’t need to create an account to order from Argos. But, creating an account means you gain access to exclusive special offers and promotions. As well as making purchasing suggestions based on past history, you’ll be the first to see the offers and take advantage of them. However, there are significantly better discounts to be had that can be used in tandem with Argos offers. You’ll need to take a look at and check out the discount codes available. They can change daily and are verified to be accurate. Simply select the code that suits your needs and type it in the payment screen before submitting your payment. There are percentage discounts and fixed amounts off, depending on the product and the day. The right discount code can save you a small fortune and make your day.

Staying Friendly

Argos is one part of a very large chain of shops. Signing up with them means you’ll be sent a newsletter regularly. In most cases, you can expect to get one a week. The newsletter will highlight new product ranges, special offers, and even invite you to exclusive events. You’ll also get product suggestions based on your purchase history. You should note that information can come from any of the brands in the Argos group. While this does provide you with plenty of special offers you may find it better to limit the marketing material to the areas you’re really interested in. Argos is one of the best-known retailers in the UK. It will certainly help to connect with them on your social media profiles and monitor their latest activities. You never know when the next sale is about to start.