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Primark Catalog

Primark specializes in affordable yet fashionable clothing and has become a household name. They issue two full catalogs per year, detailing all the items in their range for the spring/summer and the autumn/winter. But, the most interesting catalog is the short-term ones that are issued and valid for just four days at a time. Each of these mini-catalogs is approximately 15 pages long and highlights the latest offers and incoming stock. These are generally more informative than the main catalog as stock rage and fashion is constantly changing. But, as with most catalogs, the real aim of these is to get you looking in-store or online, ensuring you spend money with Primark.

The In-Store Experience

Every store is full of products. With nearly 200 stores across the UK, you should be able to easily get to one. The shops are usually well-stocked, ensuring you’ll find what you’re looking for. The shop focuses on clothing but there will always be a section for shoes and a few other items of interest, such as some soft furnishings and even a few toys. You’ll also find plenty of promotional or sales items dotted around the store, you’ll have to keep your eyes open to find the best bargains. You’ll be able to try the items on and there are plenty of friendly staff to help you choose the right item or items.

Going Online

Primark has a well-designed website. The main page features promotions and an array of stories relevant to Primark and the fashion industry. It illustrates how they lay their part to help the environment and even shares interviews with famous people. One-click brings you to the list of product categories, including women’s, men’s, and beauty products. You’ll then be given the option to choose a specific category within the main category, effectively narrowing your search area. Ultimately you’ll be able to find clothes or other items that interest you. However, unlike so many of their competitors, that’s as far as you can go. You’ll be able to see individual items and even zoom in to see all the detail. But, you won’t be able to order online. Primark doesn’t offer this service and has said they have no intention of doing so. Although they are considered offering ‘click and collect’ in the future. It’s a well-laid-out site. But, without being able to order through it you may not want to use it often. It can be hard to find a piece you like online in the store. Of course, as there is no online ordering there is no possibility of having the items delivered to your home. You simply have to go into the store.

Own Brand Products

Primark launched it’s own-brand streetwear range in 2019 to celebrate being in business for 50 years. The range has just twenty products but can be seen as Primark dipping its toe in the water. They are likely to be considering releasing more own-brand items. These would be based on fashionable principles but would be cheaper than other offerings in their stores.

Discount Codes

Primark prides itself on offering high fashion at affordable fashion. However, that doesn’t mean that there are any discounts to be had! Alongside the promotions issued in-store, you’ll find that it’s possible to get a student discount. The store will also provide vouchers and coupons after you’ve shopped with them. These are in the form of receipts from the tills and they’ll have terms and conditions attached to them. You should also check out where you can find promotional codes that can be used when you next shop at Primark. The codes are checked daily to ensure they are valid. It’s best to check the code on the day you want to purchase and then provide the code at the checkout. You’ll be surprised by just how much you can save.

The Newsletter

Despite not selling online, Primark does have a newsletter that is sent regularly to anyone who has given Primark their email address. The newsletter highlights issues that affect Primark and the rest of the industry, especially if they have an environmental impact. It will also tell you about any upcoming promotions or changes to the clothing line-up. That means you’ll be in the know before lots of other people, helping you to secure the offers first. As with most big retailers, it’s a good idea to join them on social media. This is the fastest and most efficient way to stay aware of what they are doing and offering. Allowing you to make the most of any discount codes you have.