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H&M is one of the best known high-street stores that deal in the latest fashion at affordable prices. The first store was started in the Swedish city of Vasteras in 1947. Since then the company has slowly but steadily expanded. There are now stores across the world. But, until 2019 one thing has remained constant. Every year H&M produces two catalogs that illustrate the impressive range of clothing available. Catalogs are released in Spring and Autumn, each catalog. The 1,000 plus page catalog is no longer an option as H&M feels it is not relevant in the modern age. Of course, H&M does have a comprehensive internet site and a complete stock list is available online. They also have a promotions catalog that is issued every two weeks. It’s usually 20-25 pages long and highlights the latest fashion trends alongside promotional offers. You’ll find an impressive array of offers, from heavily discounted clothing to reduced second item purchases, and even a percentage off specific non-clothing items. It’s worth grabbing a catalog in-store or taking a look at the promotions online, you’re sure to make looking fashionable more affordable.


H&M works hard to create stores that anyone can feel at home in. But you should also feel like you’ve just stepped into a high-end fashion store. It’s a delicate balance between affordable and fashionable. Their ability to create the illusion you’re entering Hollywood Boulevard and still feel comfortable is part of what makes their stores so appealing. Each store is well laid out, with distinct areas for ladies fashions, men’s, and even children’s styles. The offers found in the promotional catalog are echoed in store, along with a few sale items and potentially some other interesting offers. You’ll find the staff is courteous, friendly, and professional. They are there to help you shop and they’re very good at their jobs! Whatever the latest fashion they are certain to have something similar. Of course, being a physical store you can enjoy feeling the items for sale and trying them on. It’s a great way to know that the clothing you’re buying fits properly and feels fantastic.


No modern store can survive without having an online presence. H&M has a comprehensive website. One-click gets you started, you’ll instantly see the latest staples for the season and the items which are currently trending. You’ll be able to quickly browse to the relevant fashion. Once there you’ll need to select a sub-category or browse through everything H&M has to offer. Dotted through the site are special offers and promotions. Of special interest will be the ‘member price’ items. These offer a significant discount but you must become a member first. You’ll also find a sale category, as well as looking at sustainability and H&M Home items. If you create an account and sign in you can even ‘heart’ items you like, adding them to a favourite list for you to check out again later. The checkout process is simple and effective, you don’t need to have an account to check out. However, it will make it easier when you place a second order. Free delivery is an option for members, you can also opt to have your order delivered to your local store. In short, the online experience provides all the benefits of the traditional catalog with faster payment and delivery options.


You can easily sign up to the H&M Club to become a member and get a 10% discount off your first purchase after membership. Make it count! Members are also entitled to free delivery when ordering online. It’s also worth taking a look at our site, www.1offers.co.uk. Simply type ‘H&M discount codes’ n the search box above and you’ll be presented with all the current discount codes. You can save a percentage off your entire order or a specific discount on individual items. All you have to do is enter the listed code into your order before you complete the checkout process. It can make a significant difference in what you spend. Every code is checked and verified daily, it will work when you need it to.


H&M may no longer have a catalog but they do issue a magazine every month. It highlights the latest developments in the industry new things in store, upcoming events, and other relevant fashion news. You can visit the site and take a look at the magazine. However, if you become a member it will be emailed to you automatically. This will ensure you never miss an important piece of news or special offer again! You’ll also be kept abreast of all upcoming events and promotions, allowing you to get the best offers before non-members.