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Ann Summers Catalog

Ann Summers originally started trading in 1970 as a standard sex shop. It’s taken years and the influence of Jacqueline Gold to ensure this is firm not only became respectable and mainstream but that it's still flourishing today. The original Ann Summers catalog was produced to allow the array of products to be shown to people at parties. These parties were instrumental in making Ann Summers acceptable to women. The catalog is produced twice a year, the spring/summer edition, and the autumn/winter edition. It’s approximately 90 pages long and full of stunning lingerie, swimwear, and, of course, a wide array of sex toys. The catalog is an essential guide for anyone doing an Ann Summers party. While the products are listed online, the physical catalog makes it easier to display the range of products in a party setting. Alongside the main catalog, Ann Summers regularly produces brochures advertising the latest special offers or new products. These brochures are published roughly once a month and are usually 4-8 pages long. The main catalog can be collected in-store, posted to you, or downloaded from the website. The choice is yours.

Buying In-Store

Women make up 80% of the customers in Ann Summers stores, that’s a big difference to when Ann Summers started trading. Every store is inviting with a selection of tasteful lingerie at the front of the store and the toys more discreetly placed near the back. There are warning signs near the sex toys to remind you they are for adults only. Once in-store you’ll find the staff is discreet but ready to help, whatever you need. They are friendly and knowledgeable about their products, ensuring you get the very best product. While it is possible to order these items online, going in-store allows you to see the products and decide if they are something you want to try or not. It’s generally easier to make that decision when you’re physically present.

Going Online

Of course, if you’re considered about discretion or embarrassed, then you can’t do better than visiting Ann Summers online. The website is very well laid out and easy to use. It instantly reminds you that you’ll get free delivery if you spend over £35. Click on the product range and you’ll see an impressive list of categories. Of particular interest will be the clearance section. This is where you’ll find the very best deals, waiting to be grabbed. Check out the toys, the discounts, and the reviews, before you commit to buying. That’s perhaps the best part of the website. You can not only enjoy complete discretion, but you’ll also be able to read what other customers are saying. This will ensure you buy something that’s going to do exactly what you want it to! Ordering online is very easy, you will need to create an account to confirm your age. You can then complete your purchase in moments. The site will offer to remember your details, allowing you to purchase extremely quickly in the future. Going online doesn’t mean you miss out on the excellent customer service. You can contact representatives for assistance via email or chatbot. You may even find the answer to your question in the faqs. Once you’ve ordered you can enjoy free delivery and discreet packaging. The whole world doesn’t need to know what you’re buying!

Getting The Best Discounts

Online you’ll find sections offering 30% off selected lingerie, 3 for 2 edible gifts, buy 1and get another half price, and even student discount. There’s a surprising number of discounts available. But, you can also get discounts her, on, with us, right now. Take a look at the discount codes we’ve located for you. Every code is checked and verified daily to ensure it is valid when you want to use it. Discounts vary from a fixed amount off your entire order to a percentage reduction on a single item. You’re certain to find at least one offer to suit your ordering needs and save you money while having fun. It’s also worth noting that if you sign up to the Ann Summers newsletter you’ll get 15% off your next order, that’s a good incentive!

Staying In Touch

It takes a few seconds to input your name and email address into the mailing list box. You’ll then get a weekly newsletter that will keep you up-to-date with all the latest offers and promotions. It’s not just an introductory 15% discount, or a chance to get the offers and promotions first. You’ll also be told about events near you and nationwide before non-members, allowing you to book your spot.