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The One Stop Catalog

One Stop is a chain of retail convenience stores that operate throughout the UK. Originally this chain of stores amounted to over 900 stores. However, the chain was bought by Tesco in 2003. Half of the existing One Stop shops were converted to Tesco Express locations. However, the other half continued as One Stock and acquired the Mills Group in 2011. The Mills Group stores were concerted to One Stop, rebuilding the Store numbers to over 600. But, what is most interesting is the stock range that these convenience stores have. They don’t produce a catalog but you’ll find an impressive array of stock in every store. The aim of the business is to provide fresh foods at low prices. Due to the constantly changing availability of fresh foods a catalog is not a viable option. But, you will find a promotional catalog in-store that can inspire you when you shop. You may also get one put through your letterbox! Every 2 weeks your local store will produce another promotional catalog. It varies between 4-8 pages long and is filled with the latest special offers. One Stop specializes in low prices every day. This means that many of the promotional offers focus on special deals, such as one or more items for a specific price. These offers are generally family orientated and relate to the season.

The One Stop Shop Experience

In general, your local One Stop store is not going to compete with a supermarket for sheer size. However, they do offer a comprehensive array of products in a compact space. Of course, it’s not the array of products you’re after. Every store has friendly staff waiting to help you. If you’re looking for something specific they can guide you to the right spot. Should they not stock it they can get it in for you. That’s the real difference with One Stop, they are conveniently close to you and small enough to want to get to know you. It’s like a return to the days of the local shopkeeper that knows everyone, with the products and prices of a supermarket. While you may not want to do your weekly shop, you’ll find it’s the perfect spot for a wide variety of convenience items. It should be noted that there is no clue in One Stop stores that they are owned by Tesco. It doesn’t sell its own-branded products, just the main brands.

Visiting The One Stop Website

The website is welcoming and simple, reflects the convenience that the stores are encouraging. You’ll find examples of the great deals they have in-store and details regarding where the stock is sourced from. There are short stories about the various types of stock, such as fresh vegetables and tasty meals. You’ll also find some great inspiration for recipes and other ways to use the One Stop produce. But, you won’t be able to purchase anything online. The aim of the business is to get you into your local store. This encourages spending and building a rapport with the storekeeper. It’s also a sensible approach as the big supermarkets offer online shopping, One Stop needs to focus on the personal service, and it does.

One Stop Discounts

The one thing that helps all businesses is discounts and promotions. As already mentioned, One Stop has a variety of promotional offers that regularly change. You can grab a leaflet or just look out for the offers in-store. There are plenty of deals that can rival the best the big supermarket chains have to offer. But, to make the most of your shop you should take a look here. You’re already on, take a few moments to have a look at our current discount codes. You’ll find something that will help you save money, whether it’s a percentage off your entire order or a small discount on a single item. Simply take the discount code and use it at the till before you pay. All codes are checked daily to ensure they’re are valid. Providing you take the code on the day you intend to use it you’ll be able to save money.

One Stop Newsletter

The One Stop has a newsletter, you can sign up for it online and you’ll receive the latest offers straight to your inbox every two weeks. They only need your email address and you’ll get all the latest One Stop news, industry events, exclusive discounts, and even special invitations. Signing up is free and worthwhile.

The Social Element

It’s also worth connecting to One Stop on social media. This will put you in touch with other customers, allowing you to share stories and experiences. You never know when that can be beneficial.