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The Origins Of Habitat

Sir Terence Conran founded Habitat in 1964. The original store was located in Chelsea and the intention was to sell his own range of Summa furniture. The store was the first of many and created a template for others to follow. Unsurprisingly, the store did very well. Sir Conran believes this was thanks to the low price of the pasta storage jars. Within ten years the company has expanded overseas and it continued to do well through the 1970s and 1980s. It also changed ownership several times. Despite severe financial difficulties the company has survived and is now owned by Sainsbury’s, it's their main homewares and furnishings brand.

The Habitat Product Range

Habitat started out selling furniture, today they still focus on homewares. Their range includes all types of furniture for your home, soft furnishings, lighting, bedding, cooking and dining accessories, and an array of storage containers. The company does not produce a traditional catalog to advertise all the stock in their range, although you can see this online. However, they do create mini-catalogs that focus on specific sections, such as lighting. These mini-catalogs are produced twice a year and can be picked up in-store or ordered online. They’ll keep you updated with the latest trends, illustrate the lights in-situ, and help you be inspired.

Habitat Stores

While the business was facing financial difficulties many of the stores were closed to reduce costs and return the business to a profit. Today there are 16 stores remaining across the UK. Of course, being part of the Sainsbury’s group it is also possible to find the Habitat range in larger Sainsbury’s stores and in Argos. This makes it fairly easy to find Habitat products near you and order them. If you have the opportunity it’s worth visiting one of their remaining stores. Each is well decorated, full of stock, and has friendly staff waiting to assist you. It’s not just the personal experience, you’ll find it easier to make the right product decisions when you can see, touch, and even try the various items.

Online With Habitat

Habitat continues to maintain a high-quality website. This is the place to shop, especially if you prefer to do your shopping in the middle of the night. That’s the beauty of the internet, it’s open all the time. The home page welcomes you with images of their latest product ranges in home settings. You can scroll down the page to see other inspirational ideas and link directly to specific ranges. Alternatively, click on the three horizontal bars n the top right of the screen and you’ll be able to move through the categories and subcategories to find what you want.

Delivery Options With Habitat

If you’re ordering online you need to know how quickly your goods will get to you. As Habitat and Argos are both owned by Sainsbury’s the two work together to make sure you can get your order fast. If you’re ordering a Habitat item that can be supplied through Argos you’ll be able to collect your order in your local Argos, the same day! Alongside click and collect options you can also choose your delivery date and time when placing your order. This will ensure you’re at home when your order is delivered.

Promotions & Discounts With Habitat

The one thing better than ordering something new is when you get a discount on it! Habitat has regular special offers and discounted items. These are generally end-of-line items. However, to get the best possible deals you’ll want to check out the discount codes on www.1offers.co.uk. You’re already on the right page, take a few moments to check out the codes and use the one that is most beneficial to you. It’s that easy. You should note codes can change or expire quickly. That’s why we verify all the codes daily and recommend that you only take the code when you’re ready to use it.

The Habitat Newsletter

Habitat asks for your email address and in return will send you a monthly newsletter. It contains information about all the latest product ranges, company development, special offers, and events that you may want to know about. It’s a good way to know what’s going on at Habitat.

Social Media and Habitat

Of course, to ensure you’re one of the first to know the latest news it's a good idea to join them on social media. They are active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You won’t just find out the latest news, you’ll also have the chance to chat with other customers and exchange reviews. It can be very beneficial.