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The Origins of ScS

ScS first started trading in 1894 in Sunderland. Its first store focused on general home furnishings. Today they continue to appeal to this market although they are no longer a family business. The downturn in 2007/2008 meant that ScS struggled and eventually entered administration. This resulted in it being bought by Sun Capital Partners and a gradual increase in their market share. A partnership with House of Fraser allowing ScS concessions in their stores proved fruitful and ScS remains one of the bigger players in the home furnishings industry.

The ScS Catalog

ScS doesn’t offer a paper-based catalog. They prefer you to look at the product range in-store or online and select what appeals to you the most. It’s also worth noting that, despite regularly having sales and discounts, ScS doesn’t print a promotional catalog. This doesn’t make it any harder to find what you’re looking for. ScS has an extensive range of stock visible online and in-store. They offer sofas in fabric or leather, and in a variety of shapes and sizes. They also offer sofa beds, carpets and other types of flooring, and even dining room furniture. All their items are high-quality and available in a selection of materials and colours. It’s hard not to find something you like.

ScS In-Store

There are over 100 ScS stores in the UK which means you’ll find one fairly close to you. However, unlike many retailers, ScS believes there are more areas that would benefit from stores and they intend to open more over the coming years. Every store is a delight, with a variety of sofas and other furniture simply waiting to be sat on. You get to see the colours in natural light and feel the quality of the furniture. You’ll also find staff on hand to talk you through the various options and help you choose the perfect piece of furniture. They can even help you arrange the delivery. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable while the store is well-maintained, making the whole experience pleasurable.

Going Online With ScS

Of course, the real fun happens when you head to the ScS website. You’ll instantly be told about the mega savings and the 4-years interest-free credit option available. There is a minimum spend of £320 and several other conditions worth looking at before you sign up for it. The home page shows you some of the latest ideas and the great offers currently available. It even hints at how little any item could cost you on a monthly basis if you use the interest-free credit option. The top of the page has the menu, one-click allows you access to the various different categories and hours of fun looking at different items of furniture. That’s the real beauty of shopping online. You can compare all the different options and make a good decision, based on all the factors. Heading in-store it’s too easy to be knocked over by the ‘wow’ factor and make a bad decision. ScS offers delivery, that’s not surprising as these are generally large items. It’s worth noting that products are made to your order, which means there will be a lead time. Delivery charges vary from 15 to £129 depending on what item you’ve chosen. You can contact ScS online via telephone or by using the online contact form. You’ll get a fast and friendly response to answer all your questions.

Discounted ScS Products

ScS appears to constantly have a sale on, they list lots of products at reduced rates and proudly declare the sofas are handmade in Britain. There are some great savings to be had with many sofas reduced by as much as 50%. However, you can take this a step further by checking out the codes on this site. You’re already on, it takes just a moment to see what codes we have to offer and whether they can be beneficial to you. Every discount code is checked and verified daily to ensure it works. All you have to do is take the code the day you want to purchase something and use it before you complete the checkout process. It’s that simple.

The ScS Newsletter

ScS has a newsletter, you simply need to provide your email address. You’ll then get monthly updates regarding the latest special offers, new items coming into stock, and other relevant news. If you’re in the market for home furnishings or simply like to keep up-to-date, it’s a good idea to get the newsletter. You can also connect with ScS on the major social media networks. This will give you the opportunity to speak to other customers and find out the truth about various products.