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Introducing Lakeland

Lakeland was founded in 1956, appropriately it started in the Lake District, specifically Windermere. The company specializes in creative kitchenware, encouraging its customers to find and use the latest gadgets in their kitchen. The aim is to save people time when cooking and inspire them. With nearly 65 years of experience, there is little doubt that Lakeland knows what it’s doing.

The Lakeland Stock Range

You’ll be surprised to discover just how big a range of stock is sold by Lakeland. Even the kitchen category is full of subcategories, such as baking, tableware, kitchen electrical, or food and drink. There are also an array of home categories, offering delights such as cleaning equipment, household electrical, and travel accessories. In short, there’s not a lot that Lakeland doesn’t sell! However, it is worth noting that, despite being a well-established company, they no longer offer a paper-based catalog. You’ll need to go online and download the virtual catalog. This will allow you to print it and sit in your armchair with it, or simply scroll through the pages on your laptop. The virtual catalog is approximately 45 pages long and highlights some of the great deals that Lakeland offers. The great thing about the virtual catalog is that it gives the feel of a paper-based catalog without the environmental damage. Every item is complete with a detailed description, leaving you intrigued.

Purchasing In Lakeland Stores

There are 67 Lakeland stores across the UK. Every store has an impressive array of stock waiting to be seen and purchased b you. While the internet is convenient the in-store experience is still hard to beat. This is because the array of kitchenware items in-store will surprise you. Being able to see and even experiment with the wide array of tools on hand will help you to locate the perfect item for your kitchen. You’re certain to leave with something you didn’t realize you needed! The staff in-store are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. They’re ready to assist you in whatever way possible, ensuring you find what you need and eave as a happy customer. It helps to make the experience of visiting a store special.

Lakeland Online

The website is nothing short of excellent. One-click on the menu option will allow you to see the various options available and choose the one that interests you the most. Alternatively, you can use the powerful search tool at the top of the screen, this will help you find any product. You’ll be pleased to note the offers tab which can take you directly to a range of special deals. Anything you like can be added to your basket and, when you’re ready, you can complete the simple checkout process. It’s important to note that you can create an account when checking out, but you don’t have to. Of course, an account will make it easier when you want to order something else. There are several delivery options worth considering. You can simply order online and collect your order in-store, this service is free. Alternatively, you may prefer to have it delivered to your home. The charge varies depending on where you live but is usually £7.50 or free on orders over £45. You’ll be able to track your parcel through the delivery process, ensuring you know where it is when you need to. It’s even possible to designate a safe place that a parcel can be left at, just in case you’re not there when they deliver.

Lakeland Discounts

The offers tab on the Lakeland website is one of the best ways to find the latest deals and offers. You’ll find a variety of products with 15% or even 20% off. It’s normal for Lakeland to offer 20% off selected items, usually those that are about to be replaced. Many of these items will have limited stock availability. In other words, if you like t don’t hesitate! Of course, other discounts are available, you’re in the right place to get the best ones! Take a look at our site, you’re already on the page; We spend hours locating the best discount codes and checking them to ensure they work. Every code we find is checked daily to verify that it continues to be valid. All you have to do is choose the code you like and that will benefit you the most. Input it before you complete the checkout process and you’ll potentially save a small fortune.

Newsletter With Lakeland

Signing up for the Lakeland newsletter couldn’t be easier. Simply fill your email address in the appropriate box and click accept. You’ll instantly be awarded vouchers that can be used against your next purchase. Alongside this, you’ll get a monthly newsletter keeping you up to date with the latest offers, new stock arrivals, and even invitations to members-only events. There will also be industry-specific news and an array of options to help make your life better. This includes recipes and homemade decorations.

Social Media Contacts

In keeping with most modern companies, you can connect to Lakeland on social media, and it’s a good idea to do so. Connecting allows you to chat with fellow customers and share tips, additional discounts, news, and reviews. It will ensure you know everything you need to know before anyone else. Joining them on social media will also help you to choose the best products as others will have reviewed them for you.