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Morrisons is the UK’s 4th largest supermarket chain. That’s not bad for a business that started from a market stall in Bradford. Initially a Yorkshire retailer, they now have stores across the country and prices that compete with all the other major retailers. These are boosted by their regular promotions and discounts. You’ll find a catalog in store which changes weekly. It’s usually 6-8 pages long and shows the best offers currently available, many of the items are 50% of their original price. Of course, this is only a taste of the bargains on offer, there are always more in-store.

Inside The Store

Morrisons prides itself on offering a friendly service. The staff are all willing to help you locate the latest offer or discuss your electronic needs. It should be noted that although Morrisons does offer a limited range of electronic goods and other items, they are predominantly a food store. In short, their staff may not be the best option for advice on electronics. You’ll find plenty of offers dotted around the store offering savings on your regular purchases. It’s also possible to find reductions for food that is near it’s best before date. Morrisons has nearly 500 stores across the UK, they focus on fresh local foods. The seasonal feel is noticeable in every store.

Taking It Online

The real test of any food retailer is their website. Morrisons front page highlights the special offers they currently have in play. These can be simply a discounted price or as much as 50% off products They also show the standard trolley of shopping in comparison to other supermarkets. Separately there is a dedicated section to ‘price cuts’ and even a link to ‘the ultimate gin box’. You can also check store locations, opening hours, and contact the store if needed. There’s plenty of opportunities to shop online. The products are sorted by category or by aisle, whichever suits you better. Simply create an account, add things to your online basket, and then hit the checkout. By creating an account you’ll get product ideas as well as tips and tricks to reduce your shopping bill. You can choose to collect the shopping in your local store or book a delivery slot. Your shopping will arrive at your door without you ever having to leave home! Having an online account also means you’ll be able to save shopping lists, making it very easy to reorder specific items when you need them.

Finding The Right Discounts

Morrisons may offer attractive prices and emphasizes how much cheaper they are than the other big supermarket chains. But, what you really want is even better prices. Fortunately, there are several ways to get this. The first option is to visit and look at the codes on offer. There are a variety of codes that can be used against your shopping. Some offer a fixed reduction off one item or your entire shopping, others offer a percentage discount. All you have to do is take the code and input it before you finish the checkout procedure. The other option is to sign up for a Morrisons More card. In fact, you can have the card and still use the coupons from The More card works like other loyalty cards in that you get 5 points for every £1 you spend., or every litre of fuel. Every time you get 5,000 points you get a £5 More voucher. It’s may not seem like a lot but you’re spending in-store or online anyway, you may as well get something back. There’s even a More app to help you make the most of your loyalty account. Of course, being a member of the More Club means you’ll also get personalized offers that can represent significant savings.

Staying In Touch

Creating an account with Morrisons means that you will automatically receive their newsletter. It’s emailed directly to your inbox every week. You may also get third-party offers unless you’ve opted out of them. The newsletter will give recipe suggestions, an update on upcoming events and promotions, and grant exclusive access to new products before everyone else gets their hands on them. Couple that with the savings you can make through discount codes and Morrisons is rapidly becoming your favourite website. It’s worth noting that Amazon has also added the entire Morrisons range to its website, allowing shoppers to shop online and get same-day delivery, providing the order is over £40. It’s currently only available in Leeds but it’s just a matter of time before it’s available everywhere. Then there really will be no excuse for ignoring the old Morrison motto of “Eat Fresh. Pay Less.”