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Valid from 12/03 to 13/03

Take advantage of these Lidl Plus Catalog offers for another 241 days. Discover the latest Lidl deals and save on your shopping.

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Lidl Catalog

Lidl produces a different catalog every week that highlights the offers of the week. In common with most food stores they don’t offer a catalog for the entire food rage, it simply wouldn’t be practical But, the weekly catalog which usually runs from a Thursday to a Wednesday highlights the offers for that week. They’ll be a mixture of items, ranging from food and drink products that have been reduced in price to an array of limited-opportunity purchases. These items can be DIY, clothing, electronics, or a variety of other things. Each of the promotions will only be available for the week and once the stock has gone they won’t get anymore. In other words, act quickly if you want to benefit from the offer. Their catalogs are approximately 20 pages long, one of the biggest around. You will often feature food from a specific destination, such as Mexico or Asian food. The store will stock a limited range of these foods for a week, giving you the opportunity to try food from around the globe.

Going In-Store

This is where the action happens. You’ll find a paper catalog in-store that details the current offers and one that details the offers coming up the following week. This allows you to be prepared. After all, they have limited stock, if there is something particularly appealing you’re going to need to be first in line. Special offers in stores are usually arranged in a set of cages that occupy the middle aisle. This helps to ensure you’ll walk up and down as you do your weekly shop. In fact, these special offer cages are generally referred to as ‘the middle of Lidl’. The staff are generally friendly and willing to help. But, Lidl’s is primarily a food store, the staff will have limited knowledge of non-food products and may not be the best people to talk to for advice.

Taking It Online

Shopping from the web is becoming increasingly popular but Lidl’s are not encouraging this approach at the moment. Their website is well-laid out and will allow you to see all the special offers as well as an array of recommended products. However, at the moment Lidl does not offer the option to purchase items online. The site is merely a guide to what they are selling in-store. They have stated their intent is to start online deliveries during 2020. However, with the current health crisis, it’s possible that this may not happen as soon as they had hoped. Lidl’s has a well-laid out site that’s easy to navigate. But, there is little doubt this will be much better when they introduce online shopping. It is worth looking at their recipe suggestions and wine range!

Getting A Discount

The weekly catalog displays what items are discounted, encouraging you to stock up on them. But, that’s not the only discount on offer. It’s also possible to join the Lidl’s rewards app. This can be accessed online and it takes moments to sign up. All they need is your email address, name, and a password. You’ll get weekly coupons, scratch cards, and money off coupons when you hit selected spending targets. The app will also allow you to track your spending and access exclusive discounts from Lidl’s partners. Another way to save money on your shop is to check out They list any available coupon codes for Lidl’s. You’ll need to print the coupons in order to take them in-store with you and benefit from the discount. But, with discounts ranging from fixed amounts to a percentage off your entire shopping, they are worth having. It’s also worth noting that, if you sign up to the Lidl newsletter you’ll get promotional coupons and access to a wide variety of competitions. The prizes range from more coupons to free shopping.

The Newsletter

Signing up to a Lidl newsletter is very easy. It takes the same detail as the rewards app. Once you’re a member you’ll get the latest offers emailed directly to you, ensuring you never miss out again. You’ll also benefit from additional exclusive savings and advance knowledge of what is coming into stock. The fact that this can all be accessed from your phone means that it’s convenient, as well as cost-saving. Lidl may not yet be offering online shopping but they do offer some great deals. With the available discount codes, you can make these great deals even better and start saving money. There are plenty of more fun ways you can spend it.