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The first Makro store in the UK opened in 1971 in Manchester. The Netherlands-based company has since expanded across the globe. More recently the US stores have been sold but their presence in Europe remains strong. The aim of Makro is to service the catering sector; ensuring they can get the supplies they need to serve their own customers. Of course, Makro looks after all business customers, whether in retail, entertainment, or even leisure. Makro doesn’t produce an annual catalog, their stock range changes too frequently to make this worthwhile. Instead, they produce a regular promotions catalog. The catalog is usually issued every two weeks. However, there are some catalogs that run for several months and will be produced alongside the other promotional catalogs. Each catalog is 15-20 pages long and is full of the latest offers that Makro has secured. Whether you want electronic equipment, the latest office accessory, or a great deal on bulk purchases of food, you’ll find something in the catalog that will interest you. All the items will be reduced, either by a set amount of a percentage figure. But, you should note that the sale items are limited, it’s first come, first served. If you don’t act quickly you can miss out on some great offers.

In-store Offerings

The first thing to note is that you can’t get in a store unless you’re a Makro member. The good news is that applying for a Makro trade card is surprisingly easy. You’ll need your personal details, the business details, and proof of business trading. However, you should note that Makro is now part of the larger Booker group. That’s who you’ll actually be signing up with. You need to be a business, self-employed, a registered charity, or OFSTED registered to get a trade card for Makro. Once you get in-store you’ll find there are plenty of savings to be had as you can purchase in bulk. Alongside this, you’ll find an array of promotions that you can benefit from. Every store will have an array of food offerings, covering all the most popular cooking styles, Indian, Chinese, etc. You’ll also find a hot cafeteria in-store, (with free tea and coffee), and a non-food section. This is where you can find a variety of deals, some of which may be listed in the catalog. The deals will cover special discounts on televisions and other electronics. They may be of interest to you personally or you may want to sell them in your own store.

Shopping Online

Even if you want to shop online you’ll need to have a member account. The good news is that you’ll be issued with a number as soon as you apply, allowing you to start shopping instantly. The website is well laid out, you’ll find the food sections split into food categories. There are also additional sections that cover electronics, fitness, entertainment, and almost any other genre you can think of. The recommend section highlights current special offers, helping you to quickly see the possible savings and make the most of the deals available. Of course, the real beauty of being able to shop online is the convenience of being able to shop from your own home or business. If you’re strapped for time you can quickly repeat a previous order or select new items. As well as the convenience of shopping in your pyjamas you can benefit from delivery. It isn’t essential to have your items delivered. You can, if you prefer, collect them from your local store.

Discounts Available

Makro already offers a hefty discount on its stock, this is because they sell in bulk and price as low as possible. However, there is always room for more discounts. You’ll find an array of products in-store and online with special offers on. This is reducing them below the normal price, even if only for a short time. You can also access discount codes on, take a look at our site now and you’ll find a promotional code that provides a specific discount against a specific item. Or, it may provide a percentage discount against your whole shop. Every promotional code is checked and verified daily, ensuring that when you need to use it, you can.

The Newsletter

The real trick to getting the best discounts available is to sign up to the Makro newsletter. You will need to input your customer number, email address, and a mobile cell phone number. You’ll then get all the latest offers directly to your inbox. As well as exclusive access to promotions you’ll be told about new special offers earlier than others, have personalised discounts, and keep up to date with all the news in the food retail industry.