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You’ve probably heard of Poundstretcher and maybe even shopped in it before. The firm started trading in 1981 as it saw a gap in the market. It offers an array of products including groceries, DIY, toiletries, garden essentials, and even home products. Today the business continues to commit to quality at a low price. It should be noted that despite ‘pound’ being in the name this is not like Poundworld or the other £1shops. Poundstretcher focuses on high-quality goods at rock bottom prices. Poundstretcher doesn’t have an annual catalog. Although their range of stick is generally static, it can flex according to what is available to them. That makes it difficult to create a catalog of products that would stay valid for 6 months or a year. However, they do have a promotional catalog that is produced every month. This short, 4-8 page catalog, has an impressive array of products at low prices. Offers are generally only valid for a month and will expire when stocks have run out.

Checking Out The Store

Every store is dressed in the Poundstretcher livery and looks clean, tidy, and easy to navigate. You can stroll up and down the aisles looking at the various products on offer and then add them to your trolley to pay at the checkout. You’ll find promotions are mixed with normal stock and advertised with large banners. Additional promotions sit in cages near the entrance of the tills, you’ll want to keep your eyes open. The staff in the store are on hand to help if you need assistance with a specific product or if you need help carrying it to your car. It makes the experience of shopping in-store very pleasant.

Going Online

However, while you won’t get the same level of physical contact when online, you will find it very convenient. Shopping online can be done at any time of the day or night. The products are easy to locate through the categories listed. Alternatively, you can type the product name in the search engine to find the right option. The products have detailed descriptions and you’ll be able to compare products to find the one you really want. The downside is that you can’t actually order online. You can verify that the item is in stock in your local store by using the store finder and calling the store. If you’re lucky they’ll put the item aside but there are no guarantees. This does damage the fun of internet shopping although everything else can be viewed and reviewed.


An easy way to get a discount off your next shopping spree in Poundstretcher is to sign up for their newsletter. You’ll automatically be entered into a draw that is done every month. The winner gets £100 of Poundstretcher vouchers. Alongside this, and Poundstretcher’s desire to offer low-priced products, you’ll find there are an array of promotional offers doted around the store. You can look at the promotional leaflet or keep your eyes open as your traverse the store, both options work. You should also look around the page you’re currently on, www.1offers.co.uk. There are likely to be discount codes for Poundstretcher. All you have to do is take the coupon or just the code and use it before you complete your purchase. You’ll get a fixed percentage discount off your entire order, a fixed amount off one item, or you may get a second or third product for free. All the discount codes on the site are checked on a daily basis to confirm they are valid. You’ll need to check the codes available on the day prior to using them. This will ensure you use a valid code and get the discount you deserve.

Keeping In Touch

You can sign up for the Poundstretcher newsletter with your email address. In return, you’ll get a monthly newsletter that keeps you informed of upcoming promotions. It will also tell you about developments within the world of Poundstretcher. You’ll get exclusive offers and be aware of upcoming events, some of which you may even get discounted tickets for. You should also consider adding Poundstretcher to your social media accounts. They are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Joining them online will give you the opportunity to connect with other shoppers and discover additional information about the store and upcoming offers. It’s also a great way to check honest reviews about various products. This should help you decide whether to purchase a specific item or not.