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TitleStart dateEnd date
Twinings Weekly Offers26/09/202114/11/2021
Twinings Weekly Offers31/08/202130/09/2021
Twinings Weekly Offers28/07/202112/09/2021
Twinings Catalog17/06/202130/06/2021
Twinings Catalog15/05/202131/05/2021

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The Twinings Story

Twinings has occupied the same premises on the Strand in London since 1706! That makes it the longest-standing ratepayer in London! The Strand premises are tearooms and have been since Thomas Twining opened them in 1706, becoming the first tea room in England. It also has the oldest logo in the world that has been in continuous use! The success of this business allowed Thomas to expand. However, he didn’t just expand into more tea rooms. He saw the power of tea and started to dabble in different types of tea and importing them to England. The result was the impressive array of teas that Twinings offers today. The business continues to trade successfully and is now known across the globe. They are also dedicated to sustainable tea production.

Where To Buy Twinnings

You can still visit the Twinings tea room on the Strand and enjoy a cup of tea while choosing from the abundant variety of teas that you wish to take home with you. It is even possible to buy a variety of coffees. This is the only official Twinings site in the UK. However, you can purchase the products in a huge variety of stores, from specialist independent tea rooms to supermarkets, and even your local store. It’s hard to find somewhere that doesn’t sell one version of Twinings tea.

The Online Twinings Experience

However, no matter how good the store, you are unlikely to find the entire range of Twining products in your local stockist. Unless you are close enough to visit their London tea room, your best bet is to head to the Twinings website. It’s inviting, well laid out, and easy to navigate. You’ll be greeted by the main categories of stock they offer. One-click on tea, wellbeing drinks, or gifting and teaware will bring up an extensive list of products. If you see something you like you can effortlessly add it to your basket and continue shopping or head to the checkout. The site makes suggestions that will help you to choose and lets’ you know the current best sellers. You will also find information about the benefits of different teas and how Twinings is trying to help the environment.

Twinings Delivery Options

Ordering online is very easy, especially with the Twinings website. However, the key to satisfaction is in how quickly you get your order, the condition it arrives in, and what the customer support is like. Delivery is good. The standard delivery can take up to 7 working days. But, they have an express option that takes just 2 working days and costs very little more. All orders can be tracked, helping you to confirm when they will arrive.

Customer Support At Twinings

At the bottom of every Twinings webpage is the customer care link which leads to a contact option. There is a phone number but they encourage you to put all the details on the online submission form and they can find the answers you seek efficiently and then respond. The service is very professional and works.

Twinings Promotions & Discounts

Twinings often has promotions on but these are generally designed to encourage you to try different products. If you are willing then you’ll be able to save a significant amount of money. However, if you know what you like then the preferable option is to use a discount code, such as the ones you find here on You are already on the site, it’s worth a few moments of your time to see what you could save. Codes do change and expire. Although we do our best to ensure they are all valid it is advisable to take the code when you want to use it. This will help to ensure it works and saves you money.

Staying Up To Date With Twinings

In a clever twist, the Twinings newsletter is referred to as tea-mail. You can sign up for it with your email address and enjoy reading all the latest news, offers, deals, and invites to exclusive events. You will feel like you are the first person they share everything with, that’s a good feeling. Of course, it can also help to drink to other Twinings customers. This can confirm your thoughts on specific products and help you decide what products to buy. Fortunately, this is possible if you join Twinings on social media. Choose Twitter or Facebook to chat with others. But, you should note that Instagram appears to be the one that Twinings prefers.