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Karolina Shop catalogs

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Karolina Shop Weekly Offers26/10/202114/11/2021
Karolina Shop Weekly Offers15/10/202121/10/2021
Karolina Shop Weekly Offers08/10/202114/10/2021
Karolina Shop Weekly Offers01/10/202107/10/2021
Karolina Shop Weekly Offers07/09/202109/09/2021

Karolina Shop discount tips

The Karolina Shop Story

The Karoline Shop started out in Ireland. In fact, the company first started trading in 2008 when they realized there was a gap in the UK market for Polish food. The simple truth was the number of Polish residents was increasing and they wanted access to authentic domestic products. The idea was a success and the business has steadily expanded. Today there are roughly 20 Karolina Shop locations across the UK. It is worth noting that the company prides itself on working with the biggest names in Polish food manufacturing to ensure they have the highest quality foods possible. To help with this all stores are supplied with fresh bread and meat six days a week. Since 2015, Karolina Shop has also stocked Lithuanian products as they realize there was a gap in the market for this. This is another business sector they have successfully expanded into it.

The Karolina Shop Stock Range

As mentioned, Karolina Shop stocks Polish and Lithuanian foods. What is impressive is the array of foods on offer. It doesn’t matter what taste of home you are seeking, there is a good chance the store will have the item you want. Bread, meat, and other fresh products are re-stocked daily, ensuring you always have access to the freshest goods whenever you need them. It is important to note that all shop staff are carefully selected and trained. They all have experience in the food industry and are ready to help you find whatever it is you are looking for.

Karolina In-Store

If you head into a local Karolina Shop store you will find fresh products, a good selection of items, friendly staff, and a dedication to five-star service which is backed by a 5-star rating from the local sanepidu in Food Hygiene. The company, and every store, is also an active member of the reliable company program. This is an accreditation that confirms the business is dedicated to its customers. You will find each store is well laid out and easy to navigate. If you can’t find what you are looking for then the friendly staff will be happy to help. It is even possible to special order certain items.

The Karolina Shop Website

The Karolina Shop website may not be exactly what you are expecting. It is written in Polish and is full of short stories regarding customer experiences and how to get the best out of the food you are buying. Although the website is very informative and will help you to get a feel for the company values and how it performs, it is not possible to order food online. But, that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth taking a look at what they have to offer. You’ll find the promotional leaflets are online and they will show you what items are coming on offer and how long the offer is valid for, it is normally 6-7 days. You can also take a look at special promotions, usually on specific items such as Super Cena.

Promotions & Discounts With Karolina Shop

Impressively, Karolina Shop almost always has a promotion in place, allowing you to pick up specific items at a reduced rate. However, while this is an attractive offer, you are limited regarding what is included. Of course, if you are looking to save money it is worth taking a look at You are already on our webpage, spare a few moments to see what is on offer and choose the one that reduces your bill. You can give the code to the cashier when buying your items. It is possible for the promotional code to be adjusted at short notice or even expire. To avoid an embarrassing situation you should take the discount code the day you intend to make the purchase. It may help to know we check the coders every day to verify they are still valid.

Staying In Touch

Karolina Shop has a newsletter that is emailed directly to your inbox. All you have to do is give them your email address. They will send you the latest offers and promotions, news about stock arrivals, and even general industrial news. In short, signing up for the newsletter is the best way to ensure you always know what is going on. But, you can also join them on your favourite media channel, such as Instagram. This will give you the opportunity to connect with other customers, exchange opinions, and perhaps even make a new friend!