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Tumble Tots Weekly Offers

Valid from 24/08/2021 to 14/11/2021

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Tumble Tots catalogs

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Tumble Tots Weekly Offers24/08/202114/11/2021
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Tumble Tots Weekly Offers21/07/202108/08/2021
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Tumble Tots Weekly Offers29/05/202113/06/2021

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How Tumble Tots All Started

In 1979 Bill Cosgrave started Tumble Tots. He was a coach, notably for coaching the British Olympic Gymnastics team in 1968. At the time Cosgrave perceived a gap in the market for children to engage in structured and educational physical play. As a reputable coach, he was able to use his years of experience and knowledge to develop a structured play plan that could work for children of all ages. The aim was to boost a child’s physical skills, potentially creating young athletes. Today they are many Tumble Tots across the globe.

What Tumble Tops Offers

Tumble Tops is aimed at children over the age of 6 months provided they can sit up by themselves. The structured plan is split into age groups, helping every child to get the most from the experience. You’ll find a different program for each of these: • 6 months to walking • Walking to 2 years old • 2-3 years old • Three years old to seven • Seven Years plus Each program takes into account the physical skills a child should have at a particular age and encourages the child to build on their strengths. Best of all, if you are thinking about signing your child up you can watch a class or two first.

Tumble Tots Location

Tumble Tots requires a physical location as children need to go somewhere to indulge in physical play. To ensure there are Tumble Tots everywhere, the owners of the business decided to franchise it. This means that your local Tumble Tots is owned by a local person. They are invested in the community and more likely to give the very best service. It should be noted that some franchises are owned by the same people. In fact, there are more than 300 Tumble Tots centers in the UK but just 70 franchises. The good thing about this approach is that all Tumbler Tots need to adhere to the same standard. You can use the one closest to you in confidence.

Looking After Your Children

Every Tumble Tots has enough staff to look after their maximum child capability, even if they are not currently at their limit. This ensures your child gets the care they deserve and the opportunity to learn new things and grow as a person. The staff at the centres are well trained and experts at putting children at ease. That makes it much easier for you to leave them there. Of course, Tumbler Tots also allows your child to develop socially and challenges them to improve cognitive function. In short, it gives them everything they need to get a great start in life and earn the qualities they will need to be a success.

Tumble Tots Online

Tumble Tots has a bright website that is easy to navigate and a lot of fun. The site is a perfect way to investigate the various programmes available and see what your child would actually be doing. You can access the menu to discover more about Tumbler Tots, book a session, or even visit the Tumble Tots shop. The online store sells products that should be beneficial to your child, both fun and help them to develop.

Delivery Options With Tumble Tots

If you decide to order any of the Tumble Tots merchandise you’ll be pleased to note that the business offers a standard delivery service that will get your order to you within 5 working days. However, if that isn’t fast enough you can get a 48-hour service although this is not always available as an option. All orders are tracked, ensuring you know where it is and when it will arrive.

Tumble Tots Customer Service

There are two types of Tumble Tots customer service. The first is in the centre where you’ll find helpful staff waiting to look after your child and full of useful information. This is generally the best approach to get the information you need. However, if you are on the online shop you’ll find it better to contact the online customer service team that deals with toys for sale. All you have to do is click the contact link and you’ll be given a selection of options, ranging from an online submission form to a phone number. Whatever option you choose you’ll discover the customer service team are friendly and professional.

Tumble Tots Promotions & Discounts

It is always nice to get a reduction and you may be surprised to learn that Tumble Tots has a variety of offers to help you save money while giving your child the best experience possible. Simply take a look at the website and see what specials are currently on offer. You can also look at this site; It’s the page you are on right now and you’ll find an array of codes waiting to be used. They can save you a significant sum and all you have to do is not the code and use it when booking and paying for a class or accessory It should be noted that codes do frequently change. We verify them as often as possible and encourage you to take it when you need it, not before

Staying In Touch

Once you have signed your child up to a class you will get the newsletter every month and a selection of emails to help ensure you are aware of everything that is going on. You can also connect with them on Facebook to chat with other parents and exchange opinions. The good news is you’ll find opinions are usually favourable.