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Tesco Catalog

The Tesco catalog is produced every two weeks and encompasses an impressive array of products. This bi-weekly catalog focuses on bringing you the latest promotions, ranging from great deals on sausages to fabric softeners, and seasonal items. You’ll find items reduced by as much as 50%! A Tesco promotions catalog is usually between 4-8 pages, not the biggest but its purpose is to highlight the best offers in-store. However, as each page can have as many as 20 different products that’s still an impressive list of bargains. Plus, there are plenty more bargains to be had once you enter the store.


Tesco has stores across the country. Depending on your location your closest one might be a superstar or a Tesco Express. But, whatever store you go in, you’ll find an extensive product range. Alongside traditional groceries there are items from around the world, allowing you a taste of home or simply something different. Most stores also have an extensive line of clothes, toys, and cosmetics. You’ll also find friendly staff that are happy to help you locate anything and they’ll even assist you by carrying it to your car. The motto “every little helps” is truly experienced when you meet the staff in the store. It’s worth noting that Tesco does special shop offers that can be accessed in-store or online.

Tesco Online

The online experience is nothing short of excellent. Create an account and the site will make suggestions for you based on past shopping visits. That can make repeat orders much simpler to handle. But, the real beauty of the Tesco site is the ability to shop from home and look at thousands of different products. Most of these can be purchased via ‘click and collect’. Allowing you to order and collect when you’re ready. Alternatively, delivery is available, meaning you never have to leave your couch! By signing in you can also access special offers that are constantly changing and well worth looking at.

Own Branded Products

Tesco has a comprehensive list of own-brand products. These are generally the cheapest options available. But, that doesn’t mean they are of lower quality. Impressively, you’ll find that many of these products can also be discounted. The discounts are often issued through the loyalty account you’ve created and will focus on products you normally purchase. You’re not going to find huge discounts on own-branded products as they are already low-priced. But, as Tesco says, every little helps.

Tesco Discounts

Here is where it gets much more interesting! There are plenty of discounts to be had at Tesco if you know where to look. Every time you shop you can be issued with coupons. These give you money off your next purchase of a specific item or promote ‘buy one get one free’ type offers. Every coupon will have terms and conditions attached guiding you as to how and when you can use it. The better option is to get a discount code. These can sometimes be found on the Tesco site and give a discount on every item you purchase under that code. Unsurprisingly, these discount codes are harder to locate, unless you visit a specialist discount site like www.1offers.co.uk. Here you’ll find an abundance of codes that can be used when you checkout, giving you a hefty discount on your shopping. It’s worth noting that every code is checked daily to ensure it remains valid, all you have to do is use it. There is an array of discount codes available as either a percentage or a fixed amount. Take a look at them all after you’ve filled your basket but before you hit checkout, you may be surprised by how much you can save.

Keeping In Touch

Tesco will ask you to subscribe to their newsletter and it’s a good idea. You’ll get all the latest promotions mailed straight to your inbox. You’ll also find out about new product ranges and get access to exclusive member-only discounts. In general, the newsletter comes out twice a week but, as a member, you may get additional messages regarding specific promotions. As well as the newsletter it's a good idea to join Tesco on your social media accounts. You’ll be able to find out about other discounts and offers from other social media users. Tesco also posts exclusive offers on its social media accounts which you’ll be able to take advantage of. Tesco says ‘every little helps’ but by taking the advantage of the discount codes and promotions you can make that little a lot.