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Bose catalogs

TitleStart dateEnd date
Bose Weekly Offers11/11/202130/11/2021
Bose Weekly Offers20/10/202114/11/2021
Bose Catalog18/05/202120/06/2021
Bose Weekly Offers05/04/202130/04/2021
Bose Weekly Offers14/03/202131/03/2021

Bose discount tips

Bose History

In 1964 Amar Bose started the Bose company with the help of Angel Investor funding. The company was a logical extension of Amar’s love of speakers. A love affair that started in 1956 when he purchased a stereo system and found the performance to be inadequate. He aimed to create a company that invested in producing high-quality speakers that used the surrounding services to reflect sound and create an authentic experience. It took two years before the Bose 2201 hit the market. It wasn’t a success but subsequent speakers were as the process and experience was refined. The company grew from there to become one of the most respected names in the business and is still thriving today.

Bose Range

Bose produces headphones, speakers, audio sunglasses, and sleepbuds. Their focus is on providing the very highest quality products, allowing you to enjoy the sounds you’re replaying or even to enjoy the sound of silence. In the past, Bose has produced a paper-based catalog. However, today their efforts are focused on advertising online and through other media, such as television. They do still produce a promotional catalog that runs to approximately 12 pages and highlights the very attest innovations. Stating that they produce speakers and headphones doesn’t really do Bose justice. Their range includes surround sound systems, Bluetooth speakers and headphones, and a wide range of modern advancements such as speakers built into audio gear. Potentially more important isn’t the array of products they offer, it’s the fact you know you’re getting high-quality. That counts when you want to listen to music or your favourite movie.

Bose In-Store

Bose has operated its own retail stores, specializing in its electronic equipment. However, as of 2020, they closed all stores in North America and Europe. The reason was increased costs, an increase in internet orders, and the ability to sell items through other stores, such as John Lewis. The simple fact is that these stores were a great way for customers to test products and Bose to get genuine feedback. The advancement of the internet has made this much less necessary, resulting in Bose focusing on online sales.

The Bose Website

Unsurprisingly the Bose website is smart-looking and easy to navigate. The sparkling home page tells you of the latest deals on Bose products and how little time you have left to take advantage of them. It introduces new products, provides you with inspirational gift ideas, and tells you about the latest innovations in sound technology. At the top left of the screen the customary three horizontal bars which take you to the menu and allow you to click through the various subcategories. You can scroll through and admire the latest offerings before choosing the one that appeals. Add them to your basket and keep shopping or head to the checkout. There are several delivery options available. The most attractive is the free standard delivery on items over £40 with a 90-day risk-free trial. If you don’t like them you can simply return them! If your order doesn’t come to more than £40 you can choose between paying for standard delivery or the faster express delivery. The technology isn’t the only impressive part of this website. You’ll also find that the customer service team are easy to get hold of and eager to assist. They are knowledgeable and friendly, ensuring you get the best possible advice. You can use the online product support service which helps you get the most out of your product. But, if you prefer to deal directly with a customer service advisor then WhatsApp is the best option. Simply message the word “Bose” and you’ll be connected to a customer service advisor for instant assistance. Alternatively, you can phone the company or even ask the Bose community. But, you’ll like the WhatsApp approach.

Discounts With Bose

Despite offering the very latest in speaker technology, Bose frequently has promotional events to help you save money on your desired purchase. This can help to make your product affordable, although there is no guarantee the promotional will apply to the item you want. However, you can check out the discount codes here onwww.1offers.co.uk. We have an array of options that can save you money on practically anything with Bose. All you need to do is choose the code on the day you intend to purchase your Bose product. Input it into the payment screen before you complete the process and enjoy the discount. We check all the codes daily, ensuring they are valid when you need to use them.

Bose Newsletter

Bose offers a monthly newsletter that can be sent directly to your inbox. All you have to do is give them your email address. You’ll get the latest news and developments along with ideas as to how to use their products in new and exciting ways. Of course, you should also connect with Bose on social media, they are active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You’ll be able to connect with hundreds of other customers, swap experiences, and access useful tips. It’s worth connecting!