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Spar doesn’t aim to compete with the giant supermarket chains. Instead, it markets itself as the ultimate convenience store, there for you at all times of the day, and sometimes even the night. As a food retailer, there is little purpose to Spar offering a full catalog of their products. Due to several factors, there is no guarantee that all stores will stock exactly the same items and the availability of fresh produce will cause the catalog to change, potentially on a daily basis! However, while a full catalog is not practical, Spar does still create the promotional catalog. These catalogs generally run for 10-14 days and can be between 10-15 days long. This gives you an idea of the number of offers available in your local Spar store. The promotional catalog will have a range of products with fixed price discounts, percentage amounts of, and even second items discounted or free. You can pick up a catalog in your local store or they are often put through letterboxes, even if you haven’t asked for one.

Checking Out The Store

The first thing to note is that Spar stores are generally franchises. That means the people owning and running them are independent but they agree to comply with the Spar rules regarding pricing, stocking, and trade standards. The good thinking about this is that you’ll know what products to expect in each store and that the prices will be the same from store to store. It also helps that the owners are independent. They will be more inclined to get that special order item in for you than your local supermarket will. Although franchised every store is kept clean and tidy with staff that are eager to assist you in finding the perfect product. The aisles tend to be small but this helps to ensure they are packed full of delights. It's worth noting that many Spar shops don’t just offer your groceries. They’ll have a pay point that allows you to pay your bills, potentially a Costa Coffee machine to grab a takeaway coffee, and many of the stores have post offices in them. This allows you to send all your mail effortlessly while you shop. It should be noted that even if they don’t have a post office in-store, they still offer a parcel collection service. You will also find some Spar petrol stations. The onsite shops may not have the array of groceries that other Spar shops do but they will have a great range of convenience options, specifically food on the go.

Going Online

Spar has a colorful and easy to use website. You’ll find the menu allows you to navigate directly to groceries or any of the other products you’re looking for. You’ll then be able to see exactly what Spar has to offer, including the latest promotions under the ‘deals’ tab. There is a store locator to help you find your nearest store. Unfortunately, you are not yet able to purchase items online with the Spar shop. The online stock will simply show you that they do stock the items you’re after. Of course, that doesn’t guarantee they’ll be in stock when you go to the store. The nice thing about the website is that you can find out all the details about a specific product, including nutritional content, ingredients, and origin. This will help to speed up your shopping time in the physical store.


Spar frequently offers an array of discounts. Many are displayed in the promotional catalog. However, there will almost always be a clearance range in your local store. These are the items that are nearly out-of-date and they’ll have the best possible reductions. It makes your visit in-store worthwhile. But, alongside these promotional offers, you should take a look at the discount codes on our site. You’re already visiting, if you look you’ll see an array of promotional codes and discounts that are available for you to use. Discount codes can offer a percentage off products, a fixed value reduction, or even a variety of two-for-one style offers. All you need to do is print the coupon and take it in-store with you. You should note that every code is checked daily. They can expire quickly which means it’s advisable to check the code on our site on the day you go to the store.

Keeping In Touch

Spar has a newsletter that is issued once a month and keeps you up to date with the latest developments. You’ll find information regarding how Spar is helping the nation and how your local store is benefiting your community. Spar works hard to give something back and this news is shared with you, all you have to do is give them your email address. The newsletter will also give you exclusive offers and you’ll be the first to know about specific deals. This can help you save even more money. There is an online community and you’re encouraged to share your story and read others. But, you’ll also find it’s easy to connect with others via social media. Simply connect with Spar on your social media site and see what other users have to say. It’s likely to be supportive and beneficial.