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The Mobiles Story

Today, it is safe to say that becoming a mobile phone retailer was a great idea. That’s vindication for Mobiles.co.uk which started trading in 1995 when mobiles were just arriving on the scene. At the time they were big, bulky, and just made phone calls. It’s would have been hard to imagine the Smartphones they have become today. Mobiles have dedicated themselves from the beginning to supplying the best quality phones. From humble beginnings, the company has grown into one of the biggest retailers in the UK. Recently they have won awards for being the best online retailer in the industry. The company intends to continue looking after its customers and offering the very best service.

The Mobiles Range

Mobiles offers an impressive array of mobile phones. Whether you are looking for a contract, an upgrade, a sim free phone, or even just a sim, you are certain to find something within their collection. The company deals with all the major brands, including Apple, Samsung, Sony, and Huawei. They offer the very latest smartphones to help ensure you have the best technology at your fingertips. But, they also have a budget range of phones, there are still people who prefer a phone to just be used for making phone calls. Alongside the phones, you’ll find they also offer broadband at a competitive monthly tariff. They’ll even handle the changeover process for you.

Shopping With Mobiles

The very fact that Mobiles full name is mobiles.co.uk tells you that this is an online retailer. That is part of the reason they can offer such great deals. Of course, you won’t be able to play with the phones in a store, as they don’t have any. But, that doesn’t stop you from looking in other stores and then ordering a great deal online with Mobiles.

The Mobiles Website

With over twenty years of experience as a business and a dedicated team of specialists handling the website, it’s no surprise that they have a well-organized home page. Scrolling images introduce some of the latest phones and the attractive prices. Next to this, you’ll be able to click directly to the main categories, such as contract phones, best deals, or sim only. At the top are the various general categories which are worth looking at. If you move further down the page you’ll find the best sellers, top deals, and even be able to look at refurbished phones. There is a useful online checker to see if you can upgrade your old phone and you can even sell your phone to Mobiles. Alongside this, there are several useful guides to help you choose the right phone for your needs and budget.

Delivery options With Mobiles

Head into a store and you can buy a mobile and take it home with you. That’s not an option with mobiles. But, they do offer an excellent delivery service. From the moment you place your order, you’ll be given an order tracking number. This allows you to monitor the picking, packing, and dispatch. Any order placed before 8pm Monday to Thursday will be delivered the next day between 8am and 8pm. That’s nearly as impressive as walking into a store. Of course, if you order after 8pm on a Thursday and over the weekend you’ll have to wait until Tuesday for your phone.

Customer Liaison With Mobiles

Mobiles have won best retailer and therefore appreciates the importance of looking after its customers. This is reflected in the customer support offered. If you have any query you can look at the FAQs. But, you may prefer to click the help link and you’ll find the phone number you can call. This is effective and you’ll speak to friendly and knowledgeable staff. But, most people will enjoy using the live chat feature. It’s fun, easy, and gets you a fast response.

Mobiles Promotions & Discounts

In keeping with most other mobile phone retailers, Mobiles has an array of offers that should tempt you. These can be discounts on phone contracts or an array of accessories included in the package. However, the most effective way to save money is by looking deeper into the webpage you are currently visiting. That’s right, you’re on www.1offers.co.uk and we have an array of discount codes just waiting to be chosen by you and placed on the payment screen of your order. The reduction is instant. But, codes do change regularly. We check them daily to help you shop with confidence. Naturally, taking the code the day you intend to order will make it more likely that it works for you.