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Farmfoods started as a meat processing business in 1955but has since moved into frozen foods. They don’t produce a standard catalog listing all their stock items. But they do offer promotional catalogs that are published every week. You’ll find these leaflets in-store or they may be pushed through your letterbox. Each leaflet is only 4-6 pages long but has plenty of great offers for you to take advantage of. You won’t find these offers listed online but they are worth looking at, which means popping in-store every week to get their latest catalog.

Physical Stores

With over 300 Farmfoods stores across the UK, you shouldn’t have an issue finding one near you. The stores are well laid out and have an array of offers waiting for you. More impressive is the staff and their willingness to help you. It makes a big difference in how you feel when you’ve finished shopping. Considering they only branched out of Scotland in the mid-1990s the chain has become a well-known name in a surprisingly short time. Today adverts are done by celebrities, including Strictly Come Dancing judge Len Goodman. Every store has an array of offers for you to choose from, such as £1.50 for a Kingsmill loaf and milk. There are usually promotional offers to take advantage of and you may encounter some products getting to their sell-by date, these will be reduced and are worth looking out for! Every store is clean and tidy. They tend to feel like miniature Lidl’s but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It will help you to move smoothly up and down the aisles to check for all the latest deals and feed your family for less.

Online Access

The website doesn’t waste any time in introducing you to money-saving vouchers. The circular announcement sits at the top of the page, simply asking to be clicked. Also on the main page is the option to find your local store, a section talking about their frozen foods, and a reminder of any jobs they currently have going, if that interests you. There are plenty of interesting facts online to keep you amused. While the site is very informative and allows you to access money-saving vouchers, it doesn’t yet offer the ability to shop online. You’ll need to visit one of their stores to purchase their products.


Farmfoods keeps the prices of it’s frozen foods as low as possible all the time. They do offer promotional deals and discounts but the best savings are on the non-frozen items which are stacked above the freezers. Heavily discounted biscuits, soft drinks, and even household items are enticing. There is also an array of promotional codes. You’re already visiting, all you have to do is take a few moments to check out the promotional codes and see if they can help you. Promotions range from fixed discounts, such as £2.50 off £25 spent or £10 off £100 spent, to percentage discounts on specific products or the entire shopping basket. All you have to do is enter the promotional code before you complete your purchase. The staff in-store will be used to these vouchers. They can be scanned and your boil will be reduced accordingly. Every promotional code is checked daily and verified to be accurate. If it’s displayed you can use it to save money.

Own Brands

Farmfoods offers a mixture of big brands and own-branded goods. The own-brands are produced by Farmfoods and packaged by them, always with quality and value in mind. That perhaps sums up these stores in the best way, they appeal to people that love value, and every own-branded product offers value for money.


If you click on the discount vouchers circle on the main web page you’ll find that you have to sign up to the newsletter before you can access discount codes. This requires your email address and nothing else. Once you’ve signed up you’ll be sent the monthly newsletter. This will keep you up to date with the attest promotions, advancements in the industry, and other news of merit. You will receive exclusive offers and invitations to events, whether industry-led or specifically related to Farmfoods. It’s a good way to keep up with the latest developments. However, you should also follow Farmfoods on your social media sites. This will give you access to the attest promotions and other users will share experiences and offers. Ideally, you’ll find this saves you even more money while ensuring you get the best possible deals.