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McColl’s Catalog

McColl’s describes itself as your neighbourhood retailer. It offers an array of groceries and realistic prices. Unsurprisingly, they don’t have a big catalog to cover all the stock they carry. This is because their offers and stock can change throughout the year, especially the seasonal items. Instead, you’ll find an array of great promotions that are displayed within their promotional catalogs. Each mini-catalog is 3-4 double-sided pages. It illustrates the number of products available in-store for £1. You’ll also be able to see special promotional discounts and details on the latest meal deals or big night in. The promotional catalogs are released weekly and available in-store. It’s worth taking a look.

The Store

There are more than 15,000 McColl’s newsagents and convenience stores across the UK. They aim to be on your doorstep and it’s highly likely you’ll find one within a few minutes of your home. The majority of these stores are much smaller than your local supermarket. But, they are surprisingly well-stocked. The range of products equals most major supermarkets, the difference is in the number of brands represented. It’s worth noting that they now stock a range of Safeway products in-store. You’ll find a good selection of fresh groceries, staple foods, and alcohol. But, the stores also have post offices incorporated into them. You can access Amazon lockers, pay bills, load funds onto your Paypoint electric key, and even play the lottery. Most stores have an ATM, e-top up facilities, and will offer you newspaper delivery. They are also partnering with Deliveroo to deliver your essentials right to your door. With friendly and helpful staff, the store is much more than just a place to pick up your essentials. It’s effectively part of the community.

Online Options

The McColl’s website is well laid out, illustrating the benefits of going in-store and providing you with a list of the services they offer. You’ll also find all their latest deals listed, including meal deals, items for £1, and other promotions. In addition, there is the opportunity to sign-up for the newsletter and a selection of recipes to try. You can also find information about your local store and the company in general. But, you won’t find a complete stock list and you can’t order online. It makes the website an informative and interesting place to visit but, McColl’s still aims to get you through their door.

Own Brand Products

McColl’s stocks Safeway products and most of the main branded options. It doesn’t stock McColl’s branded items because the Safeway range is effectively its own-branded products. The quality of these products is on par with any of the major, and perhaps better-known, brands. The stores used to stock Nisa products but have gradually moved away from them. It’s worth trying the Safeway products, they are much better than you may think.


McColl’s has hundreds of promotional offers available every week. One of the core promotions is the ‘Big Night In’ which features an array of products to help you enjoy a night in front of the television. These products are heavily discounted. You’ll also find healthy discounts on a wide range of other products throughout the store. However, the real benefit comes when you combine these with our discount codes. Take a look at the codes we currently have on offer. You’ll find all the codes on this site, (, which are checked and verified daily. This ensures you can use them with confidence and get the best possible deal at the checkout. Just remember to show them before you complete your transactions. Codes offered can be fixed value discounts off selected products or a percentage off your entire shop. Both are worth looking at.

Staying In Touch

You can sign up for the McColl’s newsletter online. You’ll need to enter your name, email address, and date of birth. You’ll then be given a £2 off coupon which can be used against any purchase of £8 or more. The weekly email from McColls will remind you of the latest offers, give you menu and recipe suggestions, and even provide you with some exclusive deals. It’s a good incentive to sign up! But, as well as the newsletter you should consider connecting with McColl’s on social media. You’ll be able to access all the best offers in advance of everyone else. In addition, other social media users will share their knowledge of upcoming events and discounts. They’ll also give reviews of various products, effectively allowing you to try before you buy!