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Poundland has been trading since the early 1990s and has gone from strength to strength. The shops stock a wide range of products, many of which can change at a moment’s notice. The reason for this is not that everything is for sell for £1. That simply helps them sell everything. Poundland has built a reputation for being the place that manufacturers can shift items. For example, if Cadbury has an order canceled at the last minute and needs to sell a million units Poundland will take them, sell them, and pay Cadbury’s promptly. That makes them an attractive option for manufacturers. It’s also what allows them to sell things cheaply to customers. Of course, this means they don’t produce a catalog, their stock is changing too fast to justify a standard catalog. But, you will find a discount or promotions catalog in-store. While everything sells for £1, that doesn’t stop promotions from appearing. These include highlighting the things you can get for £1 which would normally be much more. It’s also the items that can be sold in bulk for £1, such as 3 packets of biscuits. Simply pick up a promotional leaflet in-store, they’re usually just 2-4 pages long and check what's on offer. But remember, if you like the look of an offer move quickly. You don’t know how long it will be available for. It’s worth noting that Poundland does offer approximately 1,000 brand named products regularly, these are often featured in their promotions as reminders of what great deals they are.

The Store

Every store is laid out into sections, allowing you to move through cosmetics, housewares, clothing, food, etc. You’ll find they are often very busy but the staff will always do their best to help. There are also some unique offerings in-store. For example, a kilogram bag of sugar sells for under £1 in the main supermarkets. For Poundland to offer a better deal they had to have a 1.5Kg bag of sugar created, and then sell it for £1. Each store is surprisingly well-stocked considering the speed at which products leave the shelves. However, if you’re planning to visit your local store you should note that Saturday afternoons are the busiest time of the week. If it’s possible to go at a different time you should!

Online Prospects

The Poundland website is surprisingly simple. You’ll find scrolling images of the latest product ranges and offers, followed by the usual legal information. At the top left, you can clock to see the various categories and then select one, along with a subcategory. You’ll be presented with the current stock range. Every item is displayed with the price tag and the ability to look at the product more closely. You’ll then be able to find your local store via postcode or town. This will enable you to rush to it and get the bargain you’re looking at. What is interesting is, despite the name of the store, there are plenty of items that are more than £1. They’re still good value but you’ll need to pay attention when browsing. The website is only useful for finding products and looking at their descriptions. You’ll still need to head into your local store to purchase, it’s not possible online.

Discounts Offered

Poundland doesn’t generally offer additional discounts as all their stock is already at impressive prices. However, if you pay attention around the shop it is possible to find odd items that are being cleared out and are cheaper than the normal £1. You can also take a look at our promotional codes. You’re already on www.1offers.co.uk, take a few moments to check out our promotional codes and you can use them against your next purchases. The most common code is for an extra 10% off at the till, although you can also find fixed priced discounts off specific items. All discounts are taken off at the till; you’ll need to print the coupon. It’s important to note that every code is checked daily and verified to be accurate and useable. That means you need to use it the day you print it to ensure you’ll have no issues with it.

Staying In Touch

Poundland encourages you to sign up for their newsletter. All you need to do is provide your email address and they’ll send you a regular newsletter. It details the newest stock items to arrive, specifically seasonal items. You’ll also get reminders of the best deals, useful hints and tips, and invitations to exclusive events. It’s also worth joining them on social media as this will ensure you never miss a new deal. You’ll also get feedback from other shoppers to ensure you’re getting the deal you think you are.