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Aldi is listed as one of the fastest-growing chains in the UK. It offers an array of grocery items from the essential to the most luxurious. Their product range is more than just-food. You’ll find garden furniture, electronics, and even clothing that can be purchased through them. Twice a week Aldi produces a new catalog. You’ll find they are available on a Wednesday and a Sunday. It’s usually just 4-6 pages long and is designed to showcase the promotions available for that week. You can pick up the catalog in any store or it’s displayed on the front page of their website. The catalog provides a wide range of offers, covering food, alcohol, and special items, such as a wood-fired pizza oven. Many of the items in the catalog have restricted stock numbers, you need to move quickly if you want to benefit from them!

Going In-Store

This remains the most common way of visiting Aldi, simply because it’s a food store and most customers still prefer to see the food they are purchasing. Although one of the smaller chain retailers, Aldi’s influence is spreading, there are few regions of the country without a store nearby. In-store you’ll find the usual groceries, including those near the best before date. You’ll also find cages displaying the week’s special offers. Physically going into the store means you’ll get to see all the offers and may pick something up you didn’t know they stocked. Aldi pride themselves on the service they offer, the staff will be eager to help you.

The Online Option

Of course, as mentioned, all the promotions are also available online. It’s a great way to see what Aldi is offering and purchase it before anyone else. Just click on the special buys option. The website is relatively simple but to will let you see stock availability, the location of stores, and access mobile apps. The website also provides an easy comparison between a basket of shopping at Aldi and one of its top competitors. It will help you appreciate the savings that can be made. You’ll also find a section dedicated to current price dropped items. Even if the items don’t appeal it’s fascinating to see how many items are price dropped every week. It’s possible to order grocery items online and then pick them up at your local store. At present Aldi doesn’t offer a delivery service. However, you can order things in advance, when they arrive in stock these items can be dispatched to you or you can collect them in-store.

Aldi Own Brand Products

In common with most major supermarkets Aldi stocks it’s own brand products at a cheaper price than the better-known brands. Aldi assures its customers that the quality of their own brands is tested regularly. In reality, you’ll be hard-pushed to taste the difference between many of their own brands and high-end brands. It’s a good way of saving money as you shop.

Discounts Available

Aldo offers discounts on various items every week as part of their special buys. You may get a few pence knocked off or you could find the product is selling for as much as 50% less than it’s usual price. Aldi also offers e-gift cards and vouchers that you can purchase and give to friends and loved ones. Of course, that’s not the same as a discount. However, you’ll find that if you visit there is an array of discount codes available. Aldi doesn’t want you to know about these as they can take a percentage of your entire shopping bill. The codes are checked daily to ensure they remain valid. You’ll need to print the voucher for in-store use or simply use the code before you finish paying online. Discount amounts vary according to what you’re purchasing but any saving is a benefit.

The Newsletter

You can sign up to the Aldi newsletter in a matter of seconds. Simply provide your email address and name, along with a password. You’ll then get the special offers emailed straight to you. You’ll never miss a special offer again. It’s also a good way of keeping up with what Aldi is doing. Periodically they’ll send you updates on the company, events that are taking place near you, and even some great recipe ideas. You should note that Aldi doesn’t offer a loyalty program, there is no option to create an account with them as there is no benefit to doing so. Their special offers are open to anyone and you’ll be notified of these via the newsletter. Aldi works on the basis that their low prices will keep customers coming back again and again.