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Sainsbury Catalog

You’re not going to find a catalog listing all the things that Sainsbury’s sales. The catalog would be huge and potentially be out of date before it had been printed. That’s because Sainsbury is a supermarket and specializes in seasonal local produce. The product range and prices will be changing regularly. However, to compensate for this they do produce plenty of promotional catalogs. These cover the different departments, such as clothing, electronics, or toys. Each promotional catalog is valid for a month and lists an array of products that have had their prices dropped. In many cases, the products can be half their original price! You can go in-store and pick up the leaflets as you go around the shop, or you’ll find them all online. It’s a great way to get some good deals on items you were thinking of purchasing.

Heading Online

Sainsbury’s is geared up for online sales. The website is simple, allowing you to instantly see the items that have been price locked. At the top of the screen, you can choose the relevant product range, grocery, banking, travel, etc. You can also search for a specific item. It’s best to create an account and log in when you’re on the Sainsbury’s site. This allows you to create shopping lists that can be duplicated at the touch of a button. Having an account also means you’ll have exclusive offers directed at you and you can even repeat a previous order in seconds. Browse the site and you’ll be able to add everything you want into your basket. When checking out you’ll need to choose which delivery service. Click and collect is a popular option, but you can also have your goods delivered to your home. All you have to do is select the day and time slot, the items will be delivered and you never need to leave home! While online don’t forget to check out the offers section, you never know what exciting promotions you may find.

The Store Approach

If you prefer to shop in-store then you’ll find the stores are well laid out and the staff is friendly, ready to help you. This is the best way of finding daily discounts. That’s products that are about to go out of date and being sold off at discounted rates. You’re unlikely to be able to benefit from these offers if you shop online. Sainsbury stores have a wide selection of products, from standard groceries to healthy eating choices, gluten-free products, and a range of international foods. These help you taste foods from other countries. Each store also has sections for electronics, pets, and even garden equipment. It’s worth taking a look as there can be some impressive bargains available. In short, Sainsbury takes its slogan ‘Live well for less’ seriously.

Own-Brand Products

Sainsbury has a wide variety of own-branded products. The great thing is that, although these are generally much cheaper than the big brand names, the quality is just as good. It really is about the packaging. You can get plenty of Sainsbury's own-brand products to help you save a sizeable chunk on your shopping. They are only discounted when going out of date but, even without a discount, they represent quality and savings.


Sainsbury is in a constant battle with the other big supermarket chains. That means prices are constantly being evaluated and dropped. If you keep your eyes open around the store or online you’ll find there are plenty of discounted goods available. In addition, Sainsbury produces it’s promotions catalogs. This allows you to plan your purchase before you go online or in-store. But, remember that really good deals sell out quickly, get in early if you want a specific deal. You’ll also find an array of discount codes on our site, You’re already here it’s worth taking a look at the codes we have available. These can be used at the checkout stage before you complete your purchase. Simply add the code and watch as your bill is reduced by a set amount or even a percentage of the entire bill! Every code is verified and checked daily, ensuring it’s accurate and ready for you to use.

Staying In Touch

It’s important to create an account and get yourself a nectar card. These allow you to collect points at Sainsbury’s and many other stores, including Argos. The collected points can be used against purchases in one of the participating retailers, including Vue Cinemas! Every point is only worth half a penny but if you shop at Sainsbury’s regularly they will quickly add up. An account also gives you access to the monthly newsletter, exclusive deals and offers, invitations to special events, and even menu/recipe suggestions. It’s worth staying connected via the newsletter and your social media account, it can offer better access to the Sainsbury catalog and potential discounts.