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Iceland Catalog

Iceland sells a huge variety of food. Although they have made their name as a frozen food supplier, they have a surprisingly large range of fresh foods, household products, and luxury items. To really appreciate the range of food available you’ll need to take a look at the Iceland catalog. Iceland doesn’t offer an annual or even a bi-annual catalog. This wouldn’t be beneficial as the food market and prices change so regularly. Instead, they offer a promotions catalog. This is a short paper catalog or leaflet. It’s usually between 4-6 pages long and comes out every week. In the catalog, you’ll find an array of products, from across the Iceland range. Each product in the catalog will be discounted. These may be a percentage reduction or a fixed selling price, or perhaps even a buy one get one free offer. Other promotional offers may include special vouchers attached to the catalog, such as 4 items for £10, (from a particular range), or multi-buy deals. It’s worth picking up a catalog in-store every week to check out the latest deals. Alternatively, you can take a look at the website where the latest deals are listed.

Iceland Stores

Iceland stores are generally smaller than traditional supermarkets but this is mainly because the items are packed into freezers. Promotions are visible for the moment you step into the store and will be scattered around it. You’ll need to keep your eyes open to find the best deals and discounts. The good news is that every store has friendly staff who are happy to help you locate the best possible deal. Whether you’re looking for luxury items, a big night in, your weekly groceries, or a special drink, you’ll find what you need in-store, ready to take home. In fact, Iceland does a shop and drop service. You can shop in-store and they will deliver for you. That gives you the pleasure of seeing people and interacting with them without having to carry the shopping home.

Going Online

The real fun starts when you go online. You’ll instantly see the various categories of food and drink. You’ll also find a special page full of promotions and offers. But, alongside this, you’ll have the option to order your shopping and have it delivered. The range of food is impressive and you’ll be able to quickly look through all the featured deals as well as the better-known ones. There are everyday essentials for well under £1 and luxury items for just £1. You’ll need to create an account before checking out online. This will allow you to select your preferred delivery slot. Iceland offers a next-day delivery service which is almost always available. That means you can benefit from great food delivered to your door without ever having to leave home. They’ll even text you 40 minutes before a delivery is due to arrive, preventing you from having to wait all day for them. You should also note that next-day delivery is free.

Finding Discounts

It’s not hard to find discounts in Iceland. In fact, alongside the promotional catalog simply stepping in-store or visiting their website will provide you with discounts. Whether you’re looking for a multi-buy deal, the deal of the week, or as many items as possible for £1 or under, you’ll find them just inside the store or on the website home page. But, that’s not all the discounts on offer! In addition to the great deals in-store or online, you can check out our discount codes. You’re already on our page, All you have to do is make a note of the discount code and then type it in when you’re on the payment screen of Iceland’s website. Make sure you do it before you process your payment. You’ll notice the figure drop as you save more money. You should be aware that every discount code on our site is checked and verified daily. That ensures they will work when you need them to.

Staying In Touch

Creating an account with Iceland will automatically sign you up for their newsletter. You’ll receive one of these every week detailing their latest promotions and other things that may interest you. This includes invitations to special events and exclusive offers, accessible before non-members. You will also get personalized offers that are based on your previous shopping experiences. As well as the newsletter you should sign up to Iceland’s social media account. You’ll gain exclusive access to additional offers and be able to share stories, discounts, and other offers with other social media users. Utilizing social media, our discount codes, and being a member can improve your finances.