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B&M Stores Catalog

B&M Stores started in 1978 and is generally considered one of the leading variety retailers in the UK. They aim to provide leading brand products at incredible prices. Because their stock is capable of changing suddenly they don’t produce a large annual catalog. However, you can visit their website and download the entire catalog in its current format. This will help you to browse all the products and decide what to buy before you visit your local store. Of course, it’s just as easy to browse the items online where you’ll see the latest stock and prices. B&M Stores do produce a promotional catalog which you can pick up when you’re in the store. This highlights all the special offers they currently have. Each promotional catalog lasts for a month and can be between 6-12 pages long, depending on the season and number of offers. You’ll find all the items currently on sale with either fixed discounts or percentage reductions. The items in the catalog are generally exceptionally good value.

The Shop

With over 600 stores and 28,000 staff, you should be able to find a B&M store near you. Every store is fully stocked and well-laid out. You’ll find an array of groceries to choose from, as well as seasonal treats, cleaning products, pet food and treats, and even household products. There are also sections dedicated to DIY, electrical items, garden, and holidays. There’s even an array of clothing, sports and leisure items, stationery, and winter fuel products. It really is a one-stop-shop. In every store, there is plenty of friendly staff waiting to assist you in finding the right item. They can even help you to organize the delivery of the largest items, such as garden buildings. You’ll find promotional bins that have the very latest, and potentially best offers displayed. Alongside this many of their products are heavily discounted, making this one shop you need to visit regularly.

Going Online

B&M Stores has a comprehensive website. The home page illustrates the array of items currently on special offer. These are the items you’ll find in the monthly catalog. There are plenty of offers to choose from, usually in the form of fixed-price discounts. You’ll also find a prominently displayed banner allowing you to shop by category. Clicking this will highlight how many categories the store has. You can click on categories and then sub-categories to find whatever you’re looking for. The entire stock range is displayed with current prices. However, it should be noted that while the website is very informative, you can’t order online. The products listed are for information only. If you want to purchase anything you will need to go in-store.

Discounts Offered

At the top of the website is a banner taking you directly to all the latest offers. They are generally only on offer for a limited time, meaning you’ll have to move fast if you want them. Inside the banner the offers are split into categories, you can choose any category and see what offers are available, such as a reduced price or a 2-for-1 offer. Most offers in-store are either fixed price reductions or two for a special price, but anything is possible. You can also access the offers by clicking on deals and deciding which type of deal you want to check out The manager’s special can be very enticing. You can also check out the promo codes we have on-site. You’re already on www.1offers.co.uk, take a few moments to see what promo codes can be used against B&M stores purchases and save yourself some extra money.


Sign up to the B&M Stores newsletter and you’ll instantly get a chance to win £100 B&M vouchers! Signing up is easy, you just enter your email address! Terms and conditions do apply but these are fairly standard and won’t change your ability to win the prize! Signing up to the newsletter means you’ll get an email at least once a week. These will highlight the latest offers, upcoming offers, and any events or store-based activities that may interest you. As a member, you’ll get exclusive access to the offers, often before the general public does. You will also receive promotional offers from third-parties connected to B&M Stores, you may find these useful as well. After all, anything that can save you money is a good thing!