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Musgrave MarketPlace commenced its current operations with a single grocery store in Cork. One hundred and forty years later that has become one of the biggest businesses in Ireland. It’s a great story of success and ingenuity against the odds. The business focuses on offering a cash and carry service to business customers. However, since 2017 they have expanded their appeal and now welcome the general public into their stores as well. The aim is to allow everyone to buy in bulk, saving money and time. Musgrave MarketPlace has a variety of catalogs available but they don’t provide a full catalog that lists all their products. This is simply because it’s not a practical option. Although certain elements of stock are consistent, the seasonality of food makes it virtually impossible to have a full catalog of products. But, Musgrave Marketplace does offer a variety of mini-catalogs. These vary in length but are usually between 10-20 pages long. The mini-catalogs focus on specific items, such as hampers and gifting for Christmas, or the Christmas retail brochure. This is an impressive 72 pages long and shows all the latest offers along with the price of each item. Don’t forget that this is a bulk retailer, you’re not just looking to purchase one item. All the things listed are available in bulk, helping to keep the prices to a minimum. It’s worth noting that Musgrave MarketPlace has an array of non-food items that can be purchased. Most of these items are listed in the ‘kitchen2counter’ catalog, you’ll find professional cleaning and hygiene products, as well as some great catering equipment. Musgrave MarketPlace does have a number of special offers available. These are displayed n mini-catalogs. The offers are usually valid for 3 weeks and offer hefty discounts off an array of items. Of course, these discounts are off bulk purchases, each catalog is usually 10-15 pages long. You can also see all the offers online.

The In-Store Look

For a little over two years, it has been possible for members of the public to enter Musgrave stores. You’ll find stores that are incredibly well laid out, clean, bright, and tidy. They also have staff who are happy to help you locate what you’re looking for or explain the latest deals. Every store is laid out in a similar fashion to a traditional supermarket. The difference is you’re purchasing in bulk. However, it should be noted that you need a membership card to shop with Musgrave, you can apply for one online or in-store. It should be noted that the only store currently open to the public is the Belfast one, the other branches require you to be a business owner or representative. You’ll still need to create an account to get in the Belfast store. But, the savings available and deals on offer make it worth taking the time to apply for a membership card. If you want to use the Musgrave closer to you you’ll need to register as a business, but any business is applicable!

Online Options

If you’re after convenience then you can’ go wrong with the online option. You’ll need to get your membership card first, this will allow you to access the stock list including the current prices and any discounts available. Once you’ve created the account you can shop online from the convenience of your own home or while you’re running your business. Orders can be collected at your local store or delivered to you. There is a minimum order value but you shouldn’t have an issue spending over this and obtain free delivery. Online contact options are email or telephone. Both are effective with fast response times. Of course, if you’re looking for a quick resolute of any issue you’ll need to give them a call on the dedicated line. They will be happy to assist you.

Discounts Available

Musgrave MarketPlace prides itself on offering products at heavily discounted prices. That’s the benefit of purchasing in bulk. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t additional offers to benefit from. You’ll find these listed online, in the dedicated brochures, and all around the stores. They are hard to miss! Discounts vary from fixed price reductions to a percentage off products. Both are worth considering. But, if that’s not enough then you should take a look at our site. You’re already here at All you need to do is look at the discount codes on offer and see which one is of most use to you. There are discounts off specific items or percentage discounts against your entire order. The code can be inputted online or given to the staff when you checkout in-store. All codes are checked daily to ensure they remain valid. All you need to do is take the code on the day you intend to use it!

The Latest News

Musgrave MarketPlace allows you to sign up for the newsletter separately to create an account. You’ll get a monthly newsletter detailing the latest developments in the business and the industry. They will also send you exclusive offers and discounts, helping your money to go further. But to make sure you get all the very best deals you’ll want to join them on social media. This will give you access to other exclusive deals and you’ll be able to share experiences and tips with the online community. No one knows what is going on at the stores better than the online community!