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Asda Catalog

There are several versions of the Asda catalog. The main printed version is the George catalog which displays all the latest clothing and accessories. This catalog is printed twice a year to reflect the changing styles and seasons. But, Asda also does a smaller catalog which showcases the latest promotions and special offers. These mini catalogs tend to last for two weeks and they’ll highlight the products that are currently on offer. You’ll find fixed priced discounts on baby products, toys, and even day-to-day shopping items. Occasionally they’ll offer a percentage discount but it will be of specific products or services, such as 25% of the cafe.

Going In-Store

If you’re shopping for groceries you probably prefer going in-store to see the food before you buy. If this isn’t the case you can click and collect instead. You’ll want to visit one of the 341 superstores across the country. In-store is where you’ll find the promotion leaflets. It’s a good idea to pick one up before you shop. Asda often does an in-store deal of 5 frozen items for £5. The good news is that you don’t have to be in-store to find these offers, you can also benefit from them online. However, if you’re in-store you will get the benefit of excellent customer service and the opportunity to talk to real people.

The Online Option

Asda’s motto is “Save Money. Live Better.” You’ll find there are plenty of opportunities to save money online. One of the most obvious banners on the page is the “Top offers. Best deals.” You’ll find the offers featured in the paper catalog and a host of other options. It’s a great way to save some money while you shop. You can also register for an account. It’s quick and easy and will help you create shopping lists. In other words, you’ll be able to quickly place a repeat order if you wish. Shopping online means you can take your time choosing the right products and then order when ready. You can arrange to collect it at a given time, or you can simply opt for delivery. You’ll be able to select from the available time slots and will know exactly when your shopping will arrive. This is perfect for when you don’t want to mingle, haven’t got the time, or are busy isolating.

Asda Own Brand

Asda does an array of own-branded products that represent great value for money. In many cases the foods you’re buying are identical to that in the most expensive container, it’s just the label that is different. This certainly helps to make the weekly shop affordable. What is surprising is that the discounts you earn through your account with Asda can be used against the own-branded products, reducing the price even further.

Discounts Offered

The low price of Asda food and other products suggests there isn’t much room for offering discounts. Yet, Asda frequently provides fixed amount discounts in voucher form when you shop. You’ll get the vouchers with your receipts after you’ve paid. That’s not the only discounts you can get, especially if you’re looking at the extensive range of electronics, clothing, and other top class. Take a look at to gain access to hundreds of discount codes. There are frequently codes that can be used against your purchases to reduce them by a specific amount or even a percentage of the total. Every code is verified to be accurate and it’s checked daily to ensure it is still working. All you have to do is make a note of the code and then type it into the payment screen before you make your final payment.


If you sign up for an account online you’ll automatically receive the weekly newsletter. It’s free and comes with an array of interesting information. This includes details on the latest promotions, recipe ideas, fashion information, and a range of other items. In short, you’ll be able to stay in touch with what Asda are offering and get exclusive offers to shows, events, and find out about new product ranges. It’s a good idea to join Asda on your social media accounts. This will increase the number of offers you can discover and you’ll be in contact with other people, many of whom will be aware of special offers that most don’t know about. Asda is committed to making your life easier and more affordable. With the help of the discount codes offered by, they may just succeed.