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Booker wholesale is considered the market leader in the UK in the cash & carry industry. They first started in business nearly 200 years ago, in 1835. Throughout their long history, they have been dedicated to providing the best possible service and value to their customers. It’s a tradition they continue today. Today you won’t find a catalog advertising their stock list, you won’t even be able to get into a store unless you’re a member. But, if you do manage to shop with them you’ll find an impressive array of stock, ranging from frozen foods to canned goods, chilled items, stationary, and even electronics.

Booker Wholesale Promotional Catalogs

In fact, Booker has a small promotional catalog/leaflet that is produced every two weeks. This illustrates the very latest offers that can be had at exceptional prices. They almost always have electronics and other non-groceries on special offer. The exact details and price will depend on what they have managed to acquire. But, you can be assured that it will be at a good price and offer value for money.

Booker Warehouses

Booker has approximately 170 stores located across the UK. They are all set out of the town and intended for business use. That’s why they have reasonably sized car parks, large shopping trolleys, and plenty of space for your van or car and trailer combo. Each store is tidy and well-laid out. They are strictly business although you’ll often find seasonal decorations in place. The store is separated into chilled, groceries, etc. In the same way that a standard supermarket is. However, you’ll need a membership card to get through the door, and again when you leave.

Booker Membership

To get a membership card you’ll need to be a business or charity and have completed the registration form. This can be acquired online or in the store, bit, you’ll need the application to be completed and verified before you’re allowed in. The staff in-store are friendly, knowledgeable, and eager t help you find the best deals for your budget and your own customers. All you have to do is ask.

Booker Wholesale Developments Online

Of course, running a business is time-consuming. You’ll be pleased to note that Booker Wholesale now offers a comprehensive website. You won’t be able to get into the stock list without your membership number. In short, you need to log into your Booker account to do much on the website. However, once you’re in you’ll find the complete stock list is online, along with availability in your local store. You’ll be able to check your recent orders and your spend & save points. The site is neatly divided into main stock, special offers, catering offers, own-brand items, and there is even a guide to using the website. You can order your goods online and then collect them at your local branch. It is also possible to arrange delivery but there are additional charges which you’ll need to consider. Unfortunately, as mentioned, you won’t be able to look at most of the sites unless you’re a member. Your log in details are required as soon as you try to connect to any real information.

Cost Cutting With Booker

Booker offers a spend and save scheme. This works by giving you a pre-determined discount every four weeks. The level of your discount is calculated according to how much you spend in-store. In other words, the more you spend in-store the greater the discount you’ll receive on your next purchases. Alternatively, the discount amount can be put against your account ready for you to use. This is always the case if you have a credit account with Booker. Of course, there are also an array of promotions in-store and online. You’ve only got to look for the promotions to see what is currently on offer. It’s up to you whether you buy or not.

Additional Booker Wholesale Discounts

However, if you’re determined to save money you can also save by using our discount codes. You’re already on, just take a moment to see the current promotional codes we have for Booker. You can take the code that appeals to you the most and use it against your next purchase. All the codes are checked daily and verified, providing you take the code on the day you want to use it then you shouldn’t have any issues.

The Booker Newsletter

Booker has a newsletter that you’ll be issued with every fortnight. It comes directly to your inbox. If you don’t want it you’ll need to opt-out of the newsletter, as opposed to in. The newsletter will give you the latest promotions, developments at Booker, and even invitations to exclusive events. It’s worth staying in touch. But, to really stay up-to-date you should join Booker on social media and become part of a community dedicated to looking after each other. You’ll get honest opinions and advance news which will ensure you can make the most of every opportunity.