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The Centra Story

In 1960 the Musgrave Group opened the VG chain. It was a series of small convenience stores and medium-sized supermarkets. All stores were operated under franchise and they quickly became popular across Ireland. In 1979 the group was renamed and reorganized, the smaller stores became known as Centra and have continued to trade to this day. The main competitors to Centra are Spar, Londis, and to a lesser extent Costcutter.

The Centra Stock

Centra offers an extensive array of everyday grocery items. Whether you’re looking for a pint of milk, something tasty for tea, or just need a nice bottle of red, your local Centra will have something to tempt you. Each Centra store is individually owned. The independent retailer purchases stock through Centra and will stock most items in the Centra range. They may also have a few additional lines to spark your curiosity. It should be noted that Centra produces a promotional leaflet every three weeks. This highlights their current range of special offers. You can pick it up in your local store or have a leaflet delivered to your house!

Centra Stores

There are approximately 100 Centra stores in the UK and they are all franchised. This means they are independently owned although tied to the Centra name. You’ll find all the stores stock the same items at the same prices. But, the real beauty of being independently owned is that the store owners are members of your community. They know the local issues, the local specialities, and they are interested in helping you. You’ll find all store owners are happy to special order items for you and to stock the things that they know you’re going to buy. It makes them the ultimate convenience store. Most Centra store owners will be working in their shop as well, giving you the opportunity to get to know them and even influence their stock decisions. A Centra shop tries hard to be part of the community, with a little help it can be the heart of any community.

Online With Centra

The Centra website is well designed and easy to use. You’ll be greeted with a scrolling screen providing you links to the Centra stock range, the promotional leaflet, delivery options, and an array of recipes to inspire. The main page also tells you about Centra’s commitment to local produce and they have inspirational ideas to help you eat better and exercise more. At the top of the screen, you’ll find the menu option. This takes you to the various food and drink options and allows you to see the latest offers. However, it should be noted that Centra doesn’t process orders online. You’ll need to visit your local store to get all the best deals. You’ll find a handy store locator on the webpage and it tells you which stores offer a delivery service. Surprisingly, most of them do.

Discounts With Centra

As mentioned, Centra produces a promotional catalog every three weeks. They also endeavour to keep their prices as low as possible and each store has clearance items. That’s generally things which are about to go out of date. But, you can get a better discount if you check out the discount codes and use one to save yourself some money. You’re already in the right place; here at www.1offers.co.uk, we have an array of discount codes for you to choose from. You should note that all codes are checked daily to ensure they are still valid. However, codes cans expire quickly, it is best to take the code the day you intend to use it, this will help to ensure it works when you need it to.

The Centra Newsletter

Centra offers a regular newsletter that will keep you in the loop regarding the latest promotions and other interesting activities. By giving them your email address you’ll get the monthly newsletter and associated correspondence. It’s a good way of making sure your local Centra store is keeping up with the rest of the stores across the country.

The Social Connection

Centra posts regularly on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Joining the company on social media is a great way to stay in touch with the latest company developments and promotions. However, your store is locally owned. You should speak to them regarding their social media account. This is the most effective way for your store owner to connect with you and the community. You’ll be able to share stories and opinions, effectively shaping the products sold in your local Centra to match your community's needs. It’s not often you can have that much impact on where you shop.