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The SuperValu Story

In 1968 the SuperValu brand was created. It was created by the Musgrave chain with an initial base of 16 stores. Since then the chain has grown. Interestingly, although most stores are franchised, Musgrove frequently purchases the stores and then leases them to the franchisee. This helps to ensure that SuperValu stores are generally bigger than traditional convenience stores such as Aldi. In fact, the biggest SuperValu stores are big enough to directly compete with the man supermarket brands.

The SuperValu Range

SuperValu is designed as a convenience store. It aims to give you everything you need within a stone’s throw of your home. That saves you a trip into town or to the supermarket. The stores generally stock a huge range of items Every store features an off-license that stocks a wide array of alcoholic beverages for you to enjoy. You’ll also find all the basics, such as bread, butter, cheese, pasta, and even ready-meals. SuperValu stocks an array of fresh meats and frozen products, ensuring you have what you need to make your next meal.

SuperValu Stores

There are currently over 200 independently owned SuperValu stores across Ireland, which means there is one close to you. Every store is well-stocked with all the items you’ll need daily. Stock is replenished daily and the prices are as attractive as the main supermarket chains. This is because each store is independent but backed by the power of SuperValu and its bulk buying capabilities. You’ll find the staff are friendly and helpful, ensuring the experience is pleasurable. After all, they want you to come back!

The Personal Touch

A great advantage of franchising the stores is that they are owned and run by individuals. These people are likely to be members of your local community and will have a vested interest in making the store successful. That means they are generally more open to suggestions for specific products. If it’s within their power to get the products, they are likely to be happy to oblige.

SuperValu Online

The SuperValu website is stylish and easy to navigate. You’ll be met by an array of pictures directing you to specific links, such as real food and local suppliers. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll find links to recipe suggestions, dinner party inspiration, and an array of family favourites. At the top of the page, in the right corner, is the standard three horizontal bars taking you to the menu. Here you’ll find all the latest offers and details about the company. You’ll also be able to log into your account. Having an account is essential if you want to save recipes and get the latest offers first. It should be noted that there is no option to order online and have your order delivered or collect it yourself. You still need to go in-store to shop.

SuperValu Offers

SuperValu offers change every two weeks. You’ll find a complete list of the current offers online or you can still pick up a traditional leaflet in-store. The offers are generally created as fixed discounts on specific products, helping your money to go further.

Discounts and Promotions

While the regular offers can help you to save money they are only useful if you would normally purchase those products. Of course, every store has clearance offers specifically on goods that are about to go out of date. But, if you really want to save yourself some money then you need to get a discount code. You’re already in the right place, here at we have an array of codes for you to choose from. Simply take a few moments to have a look and choose the one that saves you the most. All codes are checked daily to ensure validity. However, because they can change quickly, it is recommended you only take the code on the day you intend to use it. Your storekeeper will accept it!

Keeping In Touch

Toward the bottom of the SuperValu website, you’ll find the customary box to sign up for the newsletter. All you have to do is give them your email address. You’ll get the latest news, special offers, and new product ranges all directly to your inbox.

SuperValu Social Media

The better way to stay in touch with all the latest news is through social media. Supervalu is particularly active on Facebook and Instagram. These are the best places to connect with them, discover the latest deals, and chat with other customers. You’ll find out the truth about various products, it can help you know which ones you want to buy for that special occasion!